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Addiction and Supporters' Recovery Groups: Setting the Captives Free

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Help us expand an innovative culture of recovery to set our communities free from the bondage of addiction.  

Project Exodus is a registered NPC, seeking to make expert addiction recovery programmes freely accessible for all people, regardless of their personal circumstances or socio-economic status.

One of Project Exodus’s key strategies is the establishment of Addiction Recovery Groups in multiple cities and suburbs. These groups not only provide therapeutic support but also equip individuals with the knowledge, attitudes and skills required for sustainable recovery, through the provision of comprehensive recovery resources. 

We are seeking funding to continue to support and expand our network of Recovery Groups. Contributions will be used to cover our organisational expenses, training costs and further programme development.


  • Dec 11, 2020 - R 50.00
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Project Exodus SA NPC

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Project Exodus is an innovative, community-based strategy to deal with addiction in our society. Our mission is to make expert recovery resources freely available for all people, across all neighbourhoods.

In our country today, 86% of individuals who need treatment for addiction never receive the help that they need. This is mostly because of the high cost of inpatient treatment and a lack of effective, affordable alternatives. Our heart is to completely change this status quo.

We believe that to reduce the devastating impact of addiction all around us, a total paradigm shift is required - one that prioritises collaboration challenges the current rehabilitation landscape in South Africa and encourages everyday citizens to be part of the solution.

As we know, addiction not only destroys individual lives but also breaks apart families and contributes towards a host of social ills, including crime, unemployment, violence, disability and abuse.  We are all affected. The provision of more sustainable solutions in relation to the scourge of addiction in our nation benefits all of society. 

To achieve its vision, Project Exodus harnesses the power and coverage of social organisations and the local Church; empowering a network of partners to establish their own localised recovery ministries and programmes.

Partners are equipped through education, training, mentorship and resource provision across the crucial areas of prevention; intervention; recovery group facilitation; treatment programmes and specialised addiction counselling/coaching.

One of Project Exodus’s key strategies is the establishment of Recovery Groups, for both addicts and their significant others, in multiple cities and suburbs. These groups provide therapeutic support and furnish individuals with the knowledge, attitudes and skills required for sustainable recovery. The aim is to lead as many people as possible out of the darkness of addiction and into the light through the expansion of a widespread ‘culture of recovery’.

Developed in accordance with international best practice, all Project Exodus material is validated by decades of research and practical application.

To date, we have partnered with a number of organisations and churches to make our vision a reality, including the Department of Correctional Services; The Domino Foundation, Grace Bible Church, Soweto; Grace Family Church, Durban; CFC; CRC and the Church Alliance for Social Transformation. 

We are seeking funding to further expand on our vision. Contributions will be used to facilitate further project development and cover the expense of our offices, staff, training materials and workshops.