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Providing a Tailwind - Hanover Park Girls Matter

Providing a Tailwind - Hanover Park Girls Matter

Personal message

Girls Matter provides support, guidance, and training to teenage girls in Hanover Park, who have dropped out of school.

Kate and I run the project in our own time. We also provide a peer group, affirmation, healthy food and fun relaxation strategies (laughter yoga, yoga, body scan, etc). Our aim is to enable these vulnerable girls to regain their balance enough to return to school, start training or find employment and in so doing keep them out of gangs, where they are usually exploited and abused.

We need funds for a number of costs; eg. a 16-year-old wants to return to school but has no support nor money to ensure adequate care for her baby (R500/month). We want to send the girls on recognised first aid training so they can find work in creches, etc. We are also negotiating a doula training so some of the group can act as birth companions at Hanover Park MOU for other unsupported teenage mothers. Early childhood development and computer skills training are also possible if we raise sufficient funds. 

*Small Projects Foundation advise and endorse on this project. Donations of over R5 000, which require a SARS 18A certificate should be made via the Small Projects Foundation site


Name Comment Date Amount
Julia H You do fantastic work with these girls and their families, I would love a conversation on how to support you further.... Nov 21, 2017 USD $ 35.61
Marica Frank Blessings on your wonderful work, Roseanne and Kate. Sep 21, 2017 USD $ 39.46
Marica In honor of Caity. Aug 21, 2017 USD $ 39.92
Mandy Brilliant and much needed work, well done! Jul 20, 2017 R 1 028.20
Leela This initiative is so necessary and the work you do is beautiful. Happy to support it Jul 14, 2017 R 1 000.00
jan sterke Jul 13, 2017 USD $ 39.83
Alison To an inspiring group of girls. Jul 06, 2017 USD $ 78.65
Yolanda Thank you for the love and hope. This is a beautiful initiative X Jul 05, 2017 R 360.00
Yolanda Thank you for the love and hope. This is a beautiful initiative X Jul 02, 2017 R 359.87
Marica Wonderful work Jun 18, 2017 USD $ 41.07
Anonymous Girls do matter Jun 13, 2017 USD $ 39.06
Maria Sending lots of good wishes Jun 11, 2017 USD $ 235.08
Anonymous Very inspiring work and also those youre workign with Jun 08, 2017 R 41.13
Kirsten You're doing wonderful work xx Jun 02, 2017 R 1 028.20
Eleni You are doing a wonderful job! May 29, 2017 R 514.10
Marica Thank you for this work, Roseanne and Kate. May 27, 2017 USD $ 52.60
Luke Thank you! May 19, 2017 R 500.00
Michele Harvey Great work, good luck to all the girls, keep flying! May 19, 2017 R 514.10
Bridget Amazing work. Women and girls need to have confidence in themselves! We can make a difference May 19, 2017 USD $ 39.22
Suzanne Louw Helping someone laugh when they are afraid is awesome. May 19, 2017 R 514.10
Tee Sending love and peace May 17, 2017 USD $ 40.28
Patricia & Tom It's beautiful work you do, really glad to be able to support it. May 17, 2017 USD $ 161.10
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Donations to date

R 16 890.54

Fundraising target

R 60 000.00

Girls Matter - Hanover Park

Girls Matter - Hanover Park Logo

Girls Matter provides support, guidance and training to teenage girls in Hanover Park, who have dropped out of school. We provide a peer group as well as relaxation. Our aim is to keep these vulnerable girls out of gangs, where they are exploited and abused.