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Help Cintsa Horses

Help Cintsa Horses

Personal message

Hi my name is Georgie Dickerson I'm 70 years old, I live on a farm with my daughter Penny not far from Chintsa East in the Eastern Cape South Africa we work with the horses with the help of a few overseas volunteers.

We are currently raising funds to help two horses that we have rescued and rehabilitated: Punch and Bubbles who are priority at the moment. We have a lot more than the two horses I've mentioned we actually have 40.

I and my daughter Penny have been rescuing and helping horses since 1998, we have a logo 'Horses working for Horses'. Penny does horse trails on our beautiful Wild coast beaches at Chintsa East, the horses she uses are previously rescued and worked on to try and regain their trust in human nature, we've had really good success, but there are always the ones that are too badly damaged physiologically and physically to return to a normal life, they stay at the farm, hence our logo the horses that do the beach trails help the less fortunate at home.

We need funds for fencing for Punch a Percheron mare 14 years old who is totally blind due to misdiagnosis and wrong medication prescribed, we need to build a safe enclosure for her.
Bubbles is a 12 year old Percheron who needs monthly medication for a fungal skin infection which is ongoing this exceeds R4500 a month.

We need to raise this on a monthly basis if at all possible as ongoing help is needed to sustain this project.

Breakdown of costs:
R5000 will be allocated to the care of Bubbles and her medication and the other R15000 would go towards poles, , and nuts, also labour to be able to build her nighttime enclosure. We've already erected an undercover area [stall] and upright poles to start the exterior enclosure which is approx 12 metres by 9 metres just to keep her safe at night it will help her in a panic situation.

Any excess financial help will improve the lives of horses that have been previously abused and neglected it's not just Punch and Bubbles we have + - 40 horses and a donkey. There are ongoing costs when dealing with so many equines, food, care and maintenance, vets bills

The funds raised will go directly to suppliers, i.e. food supplier, veterinary surgeon, farm supplies, fencing suppliers, hardware, veterinary medical suppliers and will be allocated to these suppliers by Backabuddy who will pay invoices.


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 20 000.00

Punch and Bubbles Support Cause

Punch and Bubbles Support Cause Logo

Georgie Dickerson (70) lives on a farm with her daughter Penny near Chintsa East in the Eastern Cape where they work with the horses with the help of a few volunteers. They are raising funds for Punch and Bubbles who are in need.