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Save Octavia's Puppyhood

Save Octavia's Puppyhood

Personal message

Octavia is a nine-week-old Rottweiler puppy. She loves exploring the garden and playing with her sister, who is only a few weeks older than her. Octavia also loves playing with my her human's feet, slippers and hair. Octavia and I have the same birthday, so we have an extraordinary bond.

On Friday the 19th of July, Octavia, Penny and Juno had finished dinner and were playing outside on the lawn - this is when the accident happened. Juno my older male dog, bit Octavia and broke her leg and dislocated her hip. My family and I rushed her to the vet where x-rays were taken, which confirmed a badly broken leg and a possible dislocated hip. The vet said that because she is a large breed dog amputation is not an option as she will need her back leg.

Therefore, we have two options. Number one is to put her down - I can't even consider this option as she is only 9 weeks old and still has a long life with lots of playing left in her. The second option is a pricey operation to reset her hip and fix her leg; luckily, because she is so young, the vet said she has an excellent chance of making a full recovery.  The vet gave me an estimate of R20 000 for the surgery, as little Olivia has to see a specialist surgeon.

Every single cent will go to the Surgeon for the reconstructive surgery and the outstanding vet bills for hospitilisation. 

Please help me save my baby's puppyhood as she deserves to have a wonderful life. Penelope is missing her terribly and wants her puppy sister to come home and play with her again. A huge thanks in advance from myself, my family, Octavia and Penelope to everyone who helps Octavia get her surgery.



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My name is Rachel Frauenstein, I'm 22 years old, and I desperately need funds to pay for my puppy's surgery. Her name is Octavia, and she is a nine-week-old Rottweiler puppy.