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Raising Money for Rat Park

Raising Money for Rat Park

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Since attending the inpatient programme at the Foundation Clinic in 2016, a significant part of my well-being has been as a result of me taking my long-time passion and turning it into a full-time occupation.  I am currently working as a volunteer at the clinic introducing clients to sustainable, effective nutrition and training solutions as part of their recovery.  As part of this project I am attempting to rebuild the gym so that it becomes an affordable and accessible gym option for current and past clients.   I am planning to continue to work at the clinic and offer affordable, small-group training programmes for ex-clients while continuing to support the clinic’s patients as part of their treatment programme.   The gym at The Foundation Clinic will be set up to support physical health and well-being through physical exercise and nutrition education.  The coaching aims to provide basic understanding of the fundamental principles of nutrition, health, fitness, strength and overall improvements in body composition.  The coaching focuses on achieving weight- and fat-loss, muscle gain and healthy, sustainable maintenance of these lifestyle changes.  The renovated gym would support this sustainable approach to wellness through educating clients about the principles of a healthy diet and the do’s and don’ts of a good exercise programme. 

As a professional coach I am constantly looking to understand and incorporate the latest scientific approaches into my clients’ programmes, as well as helping them to bust the myths that pervade the industry around proper health and fitness approaches.

The space where the gym is presently located needs a little renovation, with the majority of the revamp consisting of basic, functional equipment that can be used to support physical well-being and health, thereby supporting long-term recovery.  By building an environment and community at the clinic, we are encouraging clients to stay actively engaged in their  recovery and wellness, thereby creating better treatment outcomes over the long run.

After many years of a soul-destroying corporate job, it’s deeply fulfilling to see how my personal passion transfers to others through my coaching.  Seeing the light in someone’s eyes as they see the very real possibility of how they can not only transform their bodies, but also feel emotionally, mentally and spiritually alive and energetic, strong and healthy is something extremely rewarding on a personal and professional level.


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  • "The Foundation Clinic’s approach to addiction and recovery is one of wellness and is only 1 part of what they do. Treat, train and empower. Really great cause. " - Benjamin and Mona

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The Foundation Revival

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The rehab that got me sober (six years and counting) is struggling to keep it's doors open at the moment. I want to give the premises a complete revival - painting, fixing barge boards outside, water proofing and hopefully getting some new furniture in.

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