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Volunteer Coach

Volunteer Coach

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R 35 000

Personal message

Hi, my name is Ramon Schoeman and I am joining the African Hockey Experience to Uganda in 2024!
The African Hockey Experience is a fundraising trip to Uganda, organized by the Hockey Dreams Foundation ( In 2024, we will go on this trip from February 23 to March 3rd. Through the AHX, we as hockey players, coaches and anyone supporting Hockey Dreams get the opportunity to work with the coaches and kids from the programs in Africa. The money we raise, will go to these projects. In that way, we can see ourselves what purpose it has and how it will be spent.You will only see the obstacles if you take your eye of the goals.South Africa is beautiful and so is the people.Our diversity and courage of standing together is what makes us stand out .Hockey is my way of making our country stand out.This tour will allow me to learn different playing styles and coaching techniques,that will take our hockey to new levels .It will also allow me to achieve my childhood dream of coaching hockey in the Netherlands.AHX if a programme that assists less fortunate,in learning this wonderful game .I am a hundred percent certain that as a community we will help this programme achieve its goal.


Fundraising target

R 35 000.00

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