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Randolf's Mamelani Movers Argus Challenge

Randolf's Mamelani Movers Argus Challenge

Personal message

Donate for Randolfs Cape Argus Mamelani Movers fundraiser! Ihr spendet & ich fahre das 109km Cape Argus Radrennen!

THANK YOU ALL FOR DONATING FOR MY RACE! I made the 109km race in 5:06h and we are all blown over by the results of this fundraiser!

This year I have decided to do my bit for my fitness and support South African youth at the same time! I have become a Mamelani Mover and will be taking part in this years Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Challenge. I will cycle not only for myself, but also to raise funds for Mamelani, a charity organization helping youths with life skills, that I know well. So while I sweat, you can donate to help this cause! 

My race this year is 109 km Cape Argus Cycle Tour - the largest individually timed cycling event in the world! As some of you may know, the Argus will be held on the 9th of March 2014 and I have decided to participate in aid of an organization called Mamelani Projects. I challenge you to get me onto the bike - Please donate your last penny or cent and remember that at the spectacular low exchange rate of R15 for a Euro and R11 for a US$ your donation looks impressive on the overview but harmless on your bank account. I will link to the biggest donors from this blog post and thank you all for supporting this cause!

A child that has been living in a children's home or in a state care facility is forced to leave at the age 18. Many of these young people are not ready for this transition and without adequate support, after years of stability, they struggle to stay in school, attend skills training programmes and find meaningful work. Mamelani's programme ensures that they are supported through this transition and are able to remain focused, motivated and move forward in their lives.  

R4500 (that's only 300€ at todays exchange rate!) allows one young person to complete a paid internship, providing them with the opportunity to gain access to the world of work, technical experience and money management skills. So come on and back me on my adventure - together we can make a difference!


Name Comment Date Amount
André Lungstraß Das Team unterstützt gerne soziale Zwecke! Aug 26, 2014 R 2 100.00
Wahid Rahim Ranksider spendet gerne für diesen guten Zweck Mar 11, 2014 R 725.00
Catharina Good luck Mar 05, 2014 R 1 000.00
Johannes Dultz Yeah, yeah ! Get your ass up and hurra! Gon' do it, do it, do it Mar 05, 2014 R 1 000.00
Florian Lange Gruesse aus dem Pott Mar 05, 2014 R 1 223.00
Jens Witzig Go Randolf! Mar 05, 2014 R 1 500.00
Mathias Rochus go for gold Mar 05, 2014 R 1 500.00
Markus Dresen Liebe Gruesse! :) Mar 05, 2014 R 1 500.00
Daniel Engelbarts Go for it, Randolf! Mar 05, 2014 R 2 000.00
Michael Antrag Go Randolf! Feb 21, 2014 R 3 000.00
Pelle <3 <3 <3 Feb 12, 2014 R 1 000.00
Sascha Böge Aber ohne E-Bike :) Feb 12, 2014 R 1 500.00
Pip Protect your eggs! Feb 12, 2014 R 2 222.00
Nico go for gold!!!! Feb 12, 2014 R 1 500.00
Team Ads2people für unseren besten Vertriebler in SA immer <3 Feb 12, 2014 R 3 000.00
Christian Kudelko gogogo Feb 11, 2014 R 1 500.00
Sebastian Make it happen! Feb 11, 2014 R 500.00
Gerald Let's do it! Feb 11, 2014 R 5 000.00
Ron Hillmann go,go go Feb 10, 2014 R 1 500.00
Marcus Go Randolf Go! Feb 10, 2014 R 1 500.00
Thorsten Piening Erhöhe. Feb 09, 2014 R 2 500.00
Thorsten Piening Gute Sache! Feb 09, 2014 R 2 000.00
Randolf - I cover the normal participation fee This is the normal foreigner signup fee. Feb 09, 2014 R 555.00
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Donations to date

R 39 825.00

Fundraising target

R 40 000.00

Mamelani Projects

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Mamelani works with people to increase their sense of agency and ability to improve their own lives. We work with young people coming out of state care through our Youth Development Programme and with women through our Health Education Programme