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Raymond's Aviation Dream

Raymond's Aviation Dream

Personal message

Pleased to meet you, I am Raymond and I live in Pretoria, SA.

Ever since I can remember, I've had the ultimate dream of becoming a pilot. I remember watching every possible program (on the History- & Discovery Channels) and doing research on everything associated with air-crafts, from a very young age. For me, this is not just another little boy dream. Stepping into pilot shoes is a calling, one which requires dedication, discipline, hard work and most of all passion. One which I will pursue with excellence and in the process also help people by hopefully facilitating and flying necessary emergency aids into remote places.

I had the privilege to be home educated by my mom. My mom was super strict and she instilled a skill in me to persevere through difficult situations. Self-guided education has given me the tenacity to look for solutions in various ways and it afforded me to complete my Matric at the age of 16 after which I did some outreach work in our community to schools with our church.

My dream to become a pilot is costly and I know my parents currently do not have the funds to support this dream. Dad is even trying to sell his Fortuner to help me.

This campaign will not stop the day I receive my wings. I would like to take this campaign throughout my career, and be able to support those who have the same passion for aviation as I do and sit in the same situation where I find myself currently.

The total course cost will be R529 787.50 which covers:

a. Phase PPL 1: R46,912-00
b. Phase PPL 2: R12,210-00
c. Phase PPL 3: R20,429-00
d. Phase PPL 4: R32,201-50
e. Phase CPL Night : R28,940-00
f. Phase CPL Navi I : R62,920-00
g. Phase CPL Navi ii: R55,200-00
h. Phase CPL Navi iii: R31,160-00
i. Phase CPL Hour Building: R37,300-00
j. Phase CPL Instrument: R24,830-00
k. Phase CPL Solo Instrument: R6440-00
l. Phase CPL Commercial Prep: R97,030-00
m. Phase CPL Examinations & Documentations: R12,240-00
n. Phase Instructors patter training grade iii: R61,755-00

I am hoping to raise funds to start with phase 1 which is 4 weeks long.

Thank You for taking time to read and considering your support.

*Funds raised will be transferred directly to  Loutzavia (Ltd) Pty*


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 46 912.00

Raymond's Aviation Dream Cause

Raymond's Aviation Dream Cause Logo

I am Raymond and I live in Pretoria, SA.  Today I need your support. Ever since I can remember, I've had the ultimate dream of becoming a pilot.