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Asia World MUN Delegate

Asia World MUN Delegate

Personal message

My name is Rebotile Kgadima and I live in Pretoria. I am a 22-year-old, final year student studying Public Management and Environmental Studies. I enjoy cooking, DIY activities and going to church. My biggest fear is getting chased by a dog or having to eat reptiles for dinner. I am the first born of three daughters. My mom is my biggest role model. Everything I do is to work hard and be a good example to my sisters and everyone in my community. I am allergic to being lazy. Due to struggles from a year ago, I aspire to see myself do greater things in life, not only for myself but for everyone within my surroundings.

I was elected as one of the Asia World MUN Delegates for 2019. Asia World MUN is an organisation that targets the theme of the implementation of the World Agenda 2030, aiming at facilitating young students/leaders from different places to broaden their networks and to provide a platform to share their perspectives, particularly on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that will be discussed in each council.

As a public management student, we are exposed to many areas and dimensions which contribute to the affairs of public service delivery in South Africa and our purpose is to understand how the conditions of our public services, implementations and policies affect our country, positively and negatively.

Them Asia World MUN sent an invitation, with an approval deadline of the 15th of August 2019. Therefore my deadline for the fundraising is 31 July 2019. Reason for this is because, I would need to make arrangements for a Visa, Accommodation and a flight ticket.

Ticket for the conference is 450 USD
Flight tickets costs to Asia costs between R8000-R10000
Visa costs about R800
Estimated Cost: R25000

The purpose of the Asia World MUN is to network, gain knowledge and expand capacity of thinking. Any donor that invests in this opportunity will be granted with the opportunity of investing in me as an asset in their organisation or company. This experience will also play a role in developing my skills as a delegate in South Africa under politics. The Asia World MUN gives a platform for delegates to represent their countries, this will contribute to my profile and therefore result in a gain towards any company/organisaton that would like to have me on their team.


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 25 000.00

Rebotile Kgadima Conference Cause

Rebotile Kgadima Conference Cause Logo

Rebotile Kgadima (22) from Pretoria is raising funds to attend the Asia World MUN 2019 delegation.