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Re-building through Social Capital

Re-building through Social Capital

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This year has been without compare....

But the CMSL Community Trust - also known as Mpendulo Savings - refuses to give up on our faithful savings group members. The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has hit them hard, worse even than the AIDs epidemic, which is why we started in the first place.

Though 20 savings groups dropped out, 132 groups with 1,879 members held on. Not only did they hold on, but they also managed to collectively save almost R11 MILLION!! That is something to celebrate.

Many groups - like the Young Ones featured in our campaign photo - said they were close to despair many times, but each time they wanted to give up, the one thing that kept them going was SOCIAL capital. The moral and spiritual support they got from their fellow group members was priceless and they are united like never before.

Mpendulo Savings has an opportunity to build on this precious unity - this social capital - something that is often lacking in our mostly urban township areas. Unfortunately, our saving kit supplies have been depleted as have our funds.

Donors are hard to find now and we need help to respond to demand for new groups in the coming year.

Our group members are made up of essential workers, informal business entrepreneurs and social grant recipients. What they managed to save this year kept their families fed, their businesses going and their hope alive.

The Young Ones - made up of pensioners and their grandchildren are a good example. In some cases, the social grant the pensioners received was the only income in their entire extended family network. Yet they and their grandchildren still committed to saving. At the end of the year, the children were able to buy school clothes and the pensioners continued supporting their families.

Others in the community have taken note of our members' resilience and want to form their own groups. Raising funds will enable Mpendulo to train, mentor and supply these new groups with the kits they need to get started. It will also help us to continue supporting existing groups who want to add members.

Funds will be used to print 500 savings booklets (R5,000), 20 savings register books (R4,000) for a total of R9,000


  • Jan 13, 2021 - USD $ 9.95
  • "Wish it were more" - Annie

  • Dec 29, 2020 - R 211.50
  • "VIVA VIVA VIVA!!!" - Anonymous

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In spite of the challenges facing them, many families in township communities respond creatively and devise ways to survive and even thrive. We have enormous faith in the ability of communities to find their own answers and we embrace the process of building community ownership of both problems and solutions. We see our major role as facilitators; who come alongside our saving group members and walk the path to financial freedom with them.