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Rebuilding Dreams in Vhembe District; Limpopo

Rebuilding Dreams in Vhembe District; Limpopo

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When approaching teenage pregnancies prevention methods, people generally focus on the church youth or those already in organisations or top students for dialogues etc. But I think we always miss an opportunity that should be our starting point. Those teenagers that are already pregnant (made someone pregnant). Yes, we cannot change the fact that they are already part of the statistics, but we can teach them what they didn't know which led to the pregnancy in the first place, because if we dont address it they might end up being part of the statistic that 50% of them will become pregnant again as teenagers. This is why I fell in love with "REBUILDING DREAMS", a guide for young parents by SAVF-Famnet. In this course we train group leaders that in turn conduct group work (with 6-10 group members) with teenage parents meeting weekly for +/-4months. Please help us train (40-50) group leaders in 2019 at about 10 at a time so we can roll-out REBUILDING DREAMS in Vhembe district in Limpopo and bring hope back to the young parents, to prevent future unplanned pregnancies and end the cycle of children of teenage parents becoming teenage parents themselves.


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Hiv and Pregnancy Prevention in Young Women

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We envision communities where girls make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health, grooming them to grow into women empowered enough to start a new generation that has zero teenage pregnancies and zero HIV infections.