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Reduce alcohol harm in SA

Reduce alcohol harm in SA

Funds Raised:
R 0
Fundraising Target:
R 40 000

Personal message

We are a public health NGO working in Southern Africa to reduce alcohol harm by lobbying for legislative changes and strengthened enforcement to make the region Alcohol Safer.  


This campaign will make governments in the region sit up and take notice of our work to ensure they prioritize strengthened liquor legislation and better monitoring and enforcement of current legislation



These funds will be used to empower communities to take a stand against alcohol harm.


Fundraising target

R 40 000.00

Donations to date

R 0.00

SAAPA Southern African Alcohol Policy Alliance

SAAPA Southern African Alcohol Policy Alliance Logo

The Southern African Alcohol Policy Alliance is a collaboration of civil society organizations across Southern African countries. 

This network aims to promote the harmonization and acceleration of evidence-based alcohol policy development and implementation to reduce alcohol harm in Southern Africa. SAAPA argues for advancing public health based on current and emerging evidence. 

Lessons from other countries should inform the efforts of governments in Southern Africa, individually and collectively. 

This knowledge should be used to strengthen policies and regulations that acknowledge the cross-border production, distribution, marketing, and trade of alcohol to ensure better health for all citizens.