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Breast reduction fees

Breast reduction fees

Funds Raised:
R 0
Fundraising Target:
R 60 000

Personal message

I'm Thoriso Motsamai,  24 years of age currently seeking donors to help boost my confidence back.

I'm currently asking for any sponsors or any small donations to help with my breast reduction fees. I'm currently battling with finding bra sizes and have to worry about my boots poping out on the side or over the bra.
I have also lost my confidence as I've been called 'dikanono' also know as big boobs. This has made me feel very uncomfortable and not to also be around people and I have started taking less pictures. I experience back , shoulder and lower back pains. 
I also have lost confidence since I can't play any sports as I have to constantly find a boobs and can't run around the court. 
Having these funds raised will help me boost me confidence and be able to go out and rather not having to sit home ,without having a bra on as that helps with relieving the pain. I would approach any small donations. Thank you. 


Fundraising target

R 60 000.00

Donations to date

R 0.00

Breast reduction fees Campaign