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My son

My son

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R 10 000

Personal message

I am a  single parent and I have a son who is mentally disabled. I am unemployed and he is unemployed. I cannot make it to support us. His father passed away when he was 4months old. He is on medication for his illness for. The medication makes him very hungry. I need help please to manage his illness and for me to do courses for a job. My eyes are very weak I need spectacles. I have Sugar Diabetes type 2 and High Blood pressure. I really want to work but there are no jobs. I am renting a flat here but there is no money to pay the rent. Soon I will be asked to leave. Some days we go sleep with no food. I need help to survive or else I will die and leave him to fend for himself. It's so stressful living from hand to mouth. This is really getting me down because I feel like giving up, but I have to think about him. He has nobody so I have keep going. I can't give up and be selfish. Please help me with any donation I really will appreciate it.  Thank you so much for your contribution.


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R 10 000.00

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