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Good Samaritans Help Needed

Good Samaritans Help Needed

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R 150 000

Personal message

Good day. My name is Richard I am 43 years old. I have a severe panic disorder that hinders my ability to work to my fullest potential. Currently somebody does help me with a place to stay and food to eat. In return I do whatever work I can do and as the illness allows at this time. My country's state care are unable to help me with this disorder. I did accumulate a bit of debt on private healthcare, unfortunately it wasn't the correct healthcare to address the medical problem. I have been unemployed about five years now. I lost everything so far I landed here now with a bit of clothes that people donated to me. All I am asking is that people help me to get the necessary funds together so that I can get the correct medical help. Once I am better I can find a descend job and build my live again. I know I can still be a asset to society I just need to get better. I am asking very sincerely please help me, I too want to feel like a normal human being and live like one too. PLEASE.      


Fundraising target

R 150 000.00

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Good Samaritans Help Needed Campaign