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Rise Again Campaign

Rise Again Campaign

Personal message

Pieter, a 28 year old husband and father, broke his neck in a freak pool diving accident which left him paralyzed from the waist down. After 59 days in ICU and regaining the ability to breathe on his own, he has been transferred to Vincent Pallotti for further rehabilitation.

Watch the video here.

Pieter will most likely be discharged from rehab in the next 6 weeks depending on his progress. After discharge there will be many financial challenges that medical aid will not cover. Vernene, Pieter’s wife,was retrenched, shortly before their son was born so their family currently has no income. 

Read more about Pieter and family via the website, and follow his progress on Facebook.

The list below indicates what will be required prior to/on discharge from the facility.

1. Out patient rehabilitation and treatment after Pieter leaves the hospital.
2. Further treatment by a Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist.
3. Assistive devices and equipment:
• wheel chair
• hoist
• commode
• air mattress
• smart home devices
• computing and communicating devices.
4. Adaptations and alterations to the home, including renovating the bathroom, installing ramps and handles etc.
5. Adaptations and alterations to their current vehicle, alternatively acquiring a bigger vehicle to enable the family to travel together and to transport Pieter and his wheel chair.
6. Day to day medical supplies such as catheters and the like.
7. Travelling costs.
8. Caregiver to assist Pieter on a daily basis.
9. Day to day expenses.

Please help us get Pieter and Vernene all the financial help they need, while Pieter concentrates on walking again.


Name Comment Date Amount
Alet Sterkte Pieter, jy is in my gebede Jan 20, 2018 R 310.00
Lucy Your positive attitude is the hugest motivator daily... Jan 19, 2018 R 500.00
G & M All of the best bro Jan 13, 2018 R 205.64
Andre Calitz Daar is altyd hoop! Jan 04, 2018 R 2 570.50
Friend A small piece each day makes the bigger picture Jan 02, 2018 R 1 010.00
Marcello palumbo I hope will get better soon Dec 28, 2017 R 1 000.00
Mari en Danie So braaf! Lief vir jou en vasbyt Dec 26, 2017 R 514.10
Val dowling Lydon Happy christmas and Continued good health and hard work Pieter. From your "Irish cousins". Dec 25, 2017 USD $ 62.52
M & M "Believe in miracles, hope is never lost" Dec 25, 2017 R 1 542.30
Chanel&Ollie; All you need is Jesus.... Dec 14, 2017 R 200.00
Liezl Botha Baie sterkte. Dec 14, 2017 R 3 290.24
Nelia Jansen Hoop en bid dat jy elke dag sterker en sterker sal word Dec 13, 2017 R 5 000.00
Karen Ek hoop hierdie klein geldjie maak n verskil. Baie sterkte xxx Dec 13, 2017 R 110.00
Wian Alle voorspoed Dec 12, 2017 R 510.00
Helgaard Marais Staan sterk my maat!!! Dec 11, 2017 USD $ 308.38
Hudson Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery. Dec 11, 2017 R 205.64
Anonymous Believe in yourself Dec 11, 2017 R 250.00
Dink aan julle Baie Sterkte vir julle Dec 10, 2017 R 122.01
Sanri van Heerden Sterkte Pieter en Vernene! Dink aan julle Dec 10, 2017 R 510.00
Marius Sterkte vir jou Pieter Dec 10, 2017 USD $ 7.33
VRIEND GOD BLESS Dec 08, 2017 R 1 010.00
Fiela Baie baie sterkte! En well done op die suksesvolle herstel wat jy al bereik het! Hou so aan! Dec 07, 2017 R 3 084.60
J N S DO NOT GIVE UP Dec 06, 2017 R 1 000.00
John sterkte Dec 06, 2017 R 1 010.00
Marelize Ons is so lief vir julle, en weet dat julle lewe weer sal terug keer na normaal met volle genesing Dec 06, 2017 R 514.10
Hestheretha Reynecke Vasbyt! So baie mense dink aan julle. Lief julle. Dec 05, 2017 R 5 141.00
Van Eeden Bezuidenhout Get well soon Dec 05, 2017 R 510.00
T Gallogly “I will never leave you nor forsake you” Dec 04, 2017 USD $ 24.53
Anonymous STERKTE Dec 04, 2017 R 102.82
Jacques 100% agter jou Dec 04, 2017 R 10 010.00
Hanlie Sterkte ! Hou moed ! Dec 04, 2017 R 5 000.00
Gillian So sorry to hear about this. Praying for a speedy recovery x Dec 03, 2017 R 1 028.20
Francois and Isabel Baie Sterkte Ou grote Dec 03, 2017 USD $ 284.23
Anonymous Magic happens when you do not give up, even though you want to. The universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart" Dec 03, 2017 R 205.64
Izaan Sterkte Buddy!! Dec 03, 2017 R 514.10
Anonymous Sterkte Pieter! Ons hou aan met bid! Liefde Dec 02, 2017 R 102.82
CDV Ons dink en bid vir julle. Dec 02, 2017 R 1 000.00
Donna Sending hope faith strength and positive vibes. Dec 02, 2017 USD $ 76.82
Anonymous Sterkte Dec 02, 2017 R 100.00
Urshulette Sterkte boeta xxx Dec 02, 2017 USD $ 78.24
Andy Stay positive and keep going Pieter. Dec 02, 2017 R 3 084.60
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Pieter Rising Again

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Please help us get Pieter and Vernene all the financial help they need, while Pieter concentrates on walking again.