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Ronnie Piano Muso Cause

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Ronnie*PerformingPianist*SouthAfrica*Needs our help urgently!               

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Ronnie taught himself to play the piano at the age of 30! After the joys of making music and entertaining people touched his heart, he has never looked back. He has been playing in restaurants, hotels and venues all over beautiful South Africa for 30+ years.

With the strict lockdown measures all restaurants are closed and no public events are allowed. He cannot even “busk” anywhere. Music is the only means by which Ronnie can earn a living and now it has been lost to him. It's his whole life. 

What is surprisingly impressive about Ronnie, is that at the age of 70 years, he gets out there and plays and never tires of making music. He always arrives well ahead of time at his performance venues and never disappoints. He is known as both a popular and quality entertainer in the hotel and restaurant business sphere in South Africa, especially in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Please friends, let us open our hearts and give him our help and support during this trying time so that he may not lose hope.

Here is how YOU can help Ronnie:

  1. Share Ronnie’s story wide and far and talk to your friends about it
  2. Contribute on BackaBuddy:
  3. Send Ronnie a message of hope and encouragement: [email protected]



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Ronnie Piano Muso Cause

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I am crowdfunding a good friend called Ronnie who is a performing keyboard player/pianist - who earns his living by performing at restaurants and events for an income.

Due to the current Corona-Virus lockdown, imposed by our government, he has lost the opportunity to earn an income for himself. The restaurants where he performed on a weekly basis has closed. Leaving him with a zero income.