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Pay it forward Pampered Pooches and Spoilt Kitty Cats!

Pay it forward Pampered Pooches and Spoilt Kitty Cats!

Personal message

Rosabella Believes in Woodrock’s Clinic Dream


Top schnauzer supermodel and community worker Rosabella Blane (whose heart is so big we don't know how it fits inside her chest) cares about all animals is passionate about helping the less fortunate!  She tries hard to educate dogs to be kind to cats, birds, reptiles as well as to their toys. Rosabella’s granny and great granny were nurses so caring for others is imbedded in her DNA.

Rosabella loves the Woodrock Animal Rescue Shelter in Johannesburg! They provide assistance to unfortunate, homeless, abused, neglected, stray, injured, ill, geriatric and unwanted animals. 

Rosabella was shocked to find out that Woodrock staff have to drive rescue animals in need of medical attention or sterilization to vets in Johannesburg (an hour and a half round trip).  Often this is stressful for the animals and also wastes valuable time in emergency cases! Woodrock dreams of a clinic on their premises, where they can medically treat and sterilize rescue animals that come into their care. In addition the clinic will assist Woodrock with their flagship township outreach programme, where they educate and assist the surrounding communities to care for and sterilize their pets.

Rosabella has a PLAN!!  She wants to get all pampered pooches and spoilt kitty cats to donate a little bit of money to Woodrock Animal Rescue to help make their CLINIC DREAM come true! If all pampered pooches and spoilt kitty cats donate just a little we can make a HUGE difference to the less fortunate animals! #woodrockclinicdream

Rosabella says “A clinic at Woodrock Animal Rescue will change the lives of many rescue animals going forward. Please donate to help make Woodrock’s dream come true - every little bit helps!”
Woofs and Wags and Lots of Love and Cuddles
Rosabella Blane

Please donate to help make Woodrock’s dream come true - every little bit helps.  









Name Comment Date Amount
Mel Merry Christmas Dec 18, 2017 R 257.05
Frank, Lilly & Peppa P Pampered pooches give back Nov 29, 2017 R 514.10
Dietmar & Christa Thank you for the good and meaningful work you are doing for Schnauzers! Nov 21, 2017 R 1 010.00
Lulu's Mom and Dad Thank you Rosabella and Superschnauzer Perci for finding me such an amazing home. I already love my new mom and dad and two sisters.I might be blind but I can feel your love in my heart ?? Lulu Apr 22, 2017 R 1 000.00
Schnauzers Rosie, Zac and Milly Rosabella we are so proud of you and all the good work you do for less fortunate doggies. You are so kind to all creatures and toys and we want to be like you when we're big! Mar 20, 2017 R 700.00
Nova the Man - PE Nova so admires Lady Rosabella and when he saw how little is still needed to make her dream come true, he gave all his schnaupocket money to her xxx Mar 20, 2017 R 719.74
A Secret Admirer of Beautiful Rosabella Dearest Rosabella. You are my dream of a perfect girlfriend. I wish you were my girlfriend! I admire everything you do for the less fortunate animals. lots of love ? Mar 20, 2017 R 100.00
Riley McTaggart Rosabella with the big loving heart thank you for saving me from certain death I am now a happy boy living with 2 human moms & a female Schnauzer called Tosh...High five Rosabella! Dec 21, 2016 R 1 210.00
Levi from Jhb and his sister Emma-Rose Levi from Jhb and his little sister Emma-Rose could not make the Jhb Schnauzer December 2016 walk. Because of this they could not give to needy doggies and kitties so this is their donation. Dec 07, 2016 R 500.00
Pepin Pepin just want to thank all the Schauzer friends and the wonderful people from Woodrock that takes care of her new found friend that was picked up in Honeydew last week. blessings Nov 23, 2016 R 510.00
Zack Poulton I want to donate this money for the schnauzer Christmas decoration auction and because I am so lucky to be the schgodchild of Rosebella Blane who is teaching me to be a good puppy. Nov 19, 2016 R 1 233.84
Griffin Rosabella i am giving up my toy and treat money as an apology for peeing on Levi from Jhb's mom's leg on Sunday. I was dared to do it! but i still should have just said no! Nov 08, 2016 R 514.10
Francois Smit Hi Rosabella, Rimsky and Bela Just would like you to know that they love their new home. Oct 24, 2016 R 1 010.00
The Wendelken Pampered Pooches Bella, Sago & Nayo Dearest Rosabella. We managed to save some more of our treat money! We really hope that your and Woodrock's clinic dream comes true! Love Bella, Sago and your buddy Nayo Sep 26, 2016 R 500.00
Lira Gates Dear Rosabella, thank you for your big heart and just keeping on raising money for Woodrock’s Clinic dream. You will always be very special in my heart. Jul 27, 2016 R 510.00
Toto Rosabella, you rock. Today, I met my new sister Pueppi and my new mom Christina. I am in a very happy place, thank you! Jul 20, 2016 R 510.00
Pueppi Herden Hi Rosabella! what an awesome thing you are doing for ALL the animals! Since I was also a rescue Schnauzi, I asked my mom to donate to this wonderful clinic! Jul 20, 2016 R 1 010.00
Schnauzers Frodo & Fughi To woodrock for changing a life...Keep fighting the good course! From my spoilt brats Frodo & Fughi. Jul 18, 2016 R 514.10
Schatzi, Steffi & Baron Berry Go Woodrock! We are donating to help this dream come true! Jul 15, 2016 R 308.46
Lawrence Tshamano from Bright Day Mobile Groomers THANK YOU ROSABELLA FOR MAKING THE DIFFERENCE! It's my turn to pay it forward. Thanks to all schnauzerholics for your grooming support! Jul 15, 2016 R 200.00
Rosabella's VERY PROUD Granny and Granpa Kudu Walter the Warthog is so impressed with Rosabella (his fantasy city girl) that he has asked us to make a donation of R150 on behalf of himself and all the wild animals at Kudu Private Nature Reserve! Jul 13, 2016 R 150.00
Lira Gates My mommy thinks I am the best looking Schnauzie girl on the planet. If you are proud to be a Keystone Schnauzie like I am, please donate towards Woodrock’s Clinic dream. Let’s raise the bar and do this, it’s the right thing to do. Jul 13, 2016 R 1 010.00
Kwezi St Sage Thank you for giving me a wónderful for ever home !! Jul 12, 2016 R 20.56
Jane St'Xsara Thank you for giving me a wónderful for ever home !! Jul 12, 2016 R 20.56
Marna St Sabrena Thank you for giving me a wónderful for ever home !! Jul 12, 2016 R 20.56
Wellington Chunnett Keep making a difference! Jul 12, 2016 R 514.10
Schnauzer Friends PTA Schanuzer friends PTA loves making a difference! Jul 12, 2016 R 550.00
Megan Gates It’s also my birthday on the 18th, therefore I want to give and not receive. Thank you Schnauzer Team, Woodrock Rescuers and all members involved who saved our lives and made us realize how it feels to be pampered Schnauzies. May your dreams of a Jul 11, 2016 R 510.00
Beatrice Harrison Thank you for all you do! Mom to Schnauzers Bogie & Sophie Jul 06, 2016 R 514.10
The Wendelken Pampered Pooches Bella, Sago & Nayo Dearest Rosabella. Thank you for your kindness and big heart! We really hope that your and Woodrock's clinic dream comes true! Madiba would be very proud of you! Love Bella, Sago and your buddy Nayo Jul 06, 2016 R 5 000.00
Schnauzerholics PE Walking Group PE folk collected the donation at their July walk in honour of Mandela Day on the 18th July. Thanks Rosabella for your effort towards making the Woodrock Clinic Dream come true! Jul 06, 2016 R 308.46
Schnauzer Nayo Wendelken Rosabella, I am glad you are my FRIEND! You make me proud! This is because you nursed Bear back to health with so much dedication. Nelson Mandela would be very of you! Jul 03, 2016 R 300.00
Joburg Schnauzer Walk Community The Johannesburg Schnauzer Friends Community collected this donation at their July Walk in honour of Mandela Day on the 18th July. We hope the Woodrock clinic dream comes true soon! Jul 03, 2016 R 940.00
Layla & Levi Bowers Rosabella does such phenomenal work, we'd like to support her sterling efforts. May 05, 2016 R 1 028.20
Spencer and Gabby Krige Every living animal deserves to be treated as well as us lucky (and totally pampered) Schnauzers! Mar 31, 2016 R 205.64
Storm My sister, Pippa, comes from a puppy farm. She has told me all about life there and it makes me very sad. I have been saving my schnocket money, I hope it can help other dogs who are in need. Mar 23, 2016 R 1 010.00
Brenda Schmahmann In memory of Tigger Mar 23, 2016 R 210.00
Ruby-Sunbeam My mom has a monthly debit order going for Woodrock and it's so easy to do the right thing for us special little creatures! I want to be like Rosabella when I'm a big girl. Mar 20, 2016 R 2 050.00
Nova the MAN - PE Nova the Man challenges all Keystone Min Schnauzer Pooches to also donate towards this worthy cause xx Mar 18, 2016 R 1 025.00
Puppy Nayo, Crazy Sago & Lady Bella Wendelken Rosabella, your cause is compelling, your love for others endless. You are forever in our hearts. Mar 17, 2016 R 1 025.00
Lira Lira ppleaded in her mommy’s ear to please make a donation to the clinic fund. She whispered that it is so unfair that Megan donated money and she hasn't make any contribution yet. Feb 29, 2016 R 1 010.00
Megan Gates Meggie persuaded her mom to rather donate the 6 monthly payments she offered all in one payment this month. She is afraid that mommy might forget about the monthly promise she made. Feb 04, 2016 R 1 010.00
The Irbsters- Winston, Minnie & Lincoln Happy belated birthday to you sweet Rosabella( who's hart is so big we don't know how it fits) Thanks for loving Woodrock as much as we do! You Rock Jan 28, 2016 R 102.50
Anonymous GO Woodrock!!! Jan 27, 2016 R 100.00
Rocco and Choska (Siberian Forest Cats) We're 6 months old today, so feeling generous even though we don't really like dogs much.. Woodrock rocks though! Jan 27, 2016 R 205.00
Aileen Blane Stay the sweet, loving, caring soul that you are. Nursing runs in the family !!! Much love from Kudu Granny Jan 27, 2016 R 102.50
Jessie I accepted Scully's challenge. Hope you reach the target amount soon darling Rosabella. Jan 25, 2016 R 130.00
Scully Rosabella, great initiative! I've challenged Jessie to equal or better the amount. Jan 25, 2016 R 110.00
Bobby Guchi Blane Hi Rosabella, happy to hear you are helping the less fortunate doggies. Love from your cousin in Melboure! Jan 24, 2016 R 102.50
Griffin Well my brother is dating Rosa after all and I want to help the other doggies out there. Besides my mommy won't make me go without treats and toys. Jan 23, 2016 R 256.25
Levi So so proud of my girl's initiative, I'm giving up my treats money to support and help Woodrock towards their clinic! Jan 23, 2016 R 256.25
Super Schnauzer Perci Super Schnauzer Perci will always and forever help Rosabella fight the fight to getthewagback. Jan 22, 2016 R 205.00
Gobetz Rose bells you are a "rock star" beautiful inside and out ?????? Jan 22, 2016 R 512.50
Lisa Burnell Hexi and Betsy are so proud of you! Proud to be your friend sweet rosabella Jan 22, 2016 R 102.50
Rosabella's Mommy I am so very proud to be your mommy Rosabella. You are an inspiration to all. I love you to the moon and back! #woodrockclinicdream Jan 22, 2016 R 100.00
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R 33 548.57

Fundraising target

R 50 000.00

Woodrock Animal Rescue

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Woodrock Animal Rescue provide assistance to unfortunate, homeless, abused, neglected, stray, injured, ill, geriatric and unwanted animals. Our motto is ACTA NON VERBA – Action not Words. We dream of a medical clinic on our premises to treat and sterilize rescue animals that come into our care. Read more about our #woodrockclinicdream at are proudly a voice for the voiceless! 

Feel free to visit our website for a full discription or our facebook page