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Happy Hands

Happy Hands

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I am Jenni Lemmon, physiotherapist and worked for nearly 20 years in the area of child development. Since my retirement 3 years ago I have been a volunteer at Rosmead Primary School Harfield village Cape Town, in The Shine Literacy Program.

My co-workers and I have been saddened at the difficulty some of the most at-risk children have when trying to write. As a Physio, I was able to discern the gap in fine and gross motor development in their early years, so necessary for handwriting and successful learning and progress through school.

My own granddaughters needed early developmental support and they received it timeously and are now flourishing and achieving well in grades 3 and 5.

I would dearly love to give this same gift to other children who are not as fortunate.

The Happy Handwriter Muscle Mania Program is designed to promote the development of these fine motor and visual perception skills.

The Happy Handwriter program provides 64 x 30-minute lessons in a guide book format that is easily implemented by volunteer facilitators . It is repeatable year after year for many learners and is therefore sustainable. I need your help, please. Apart from the Manual outlining 64 lessons is included small equipment and workbooks for 15 children. Everything except the workbooks is reusable for the next group of 15 children. The Program facilitators will all be unpaid volunteers.

Read more on facebook: The Happy Handwriter: Fine Motor, Pre-Handwriting & Handwriting

I need R12500 by 15th July so I can start next term as there is a lot to catch up on. I need R12500 to purchase the Muscle Mania Package, and the balance within the next 2 months.

Improving the children's fine motor control will greatly help their self-confidence and self-esteem in writing and further learning. When their writing becomes more automatic, it opens the way for creativity as the emphasis is then on WHAT to write, not HOW to write. Writing by hand improves memory and understanding, so essential for successful passage through school and beyond.

*Funds raised will go directly to Happy Handwriter*


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R 25 500.00

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Jenni Lemmon is a volunteer at Rosmead Primary School Harfield village Cape Town and is raising funds to purchase a Muscle Mania package from The Happy Handwriter to assist with writing lessons for students.