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SA Will Always Be Home

SA Will Always Be Home

Personal message

We don’t know why you left South Africa. Maybe for your kids, a job or a better economy. Maybe it was because of crime, corruption or uncertainty.

Whatever your reason, we understand. But we also know that you miss South Africa. It will always be home.

Sadly, it’s also home to many animals in some of the cruellest conditions. They cannot emigrate. But you can help them escape the suffering.

If you care about living creatures in South Africa, you can make a big difference by giving a little. You have one of the most powerful currencies on the planet. It’s called compassion.

Pledge just 1 Pound/Dollar a month and make a huge difference to South Africa.

Please share this message widely.

Not only will your small contribution make a huge difference in the lives of animals, but it will make a huge impact on Society as a whole.


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 100 000.00

NSPCA - National Council of SPCAs

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Founded in 1955 as a forum to bring uniformity to welfare legislation and standards, NSPCA promotes the welfare and guardianship of all animals on the basis of the Five Freedoms, and prevents cruelty in accordance with the Animals Protection and Performing Animals Protection Acts.