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Sabantwana EC2C CCC

Sabantwana EC2C CCC

Personal message

Hi and thanks for dropping in.

The Sabantwana Cycle Challenge is over - the Ride to Cape Town and the Argus were amazing.  Hard work at times but always good.

The Lucky Draw Competition is now closed and congrats to the winners.  The Cycle Kit and MOBii have found their new owners.

The funds raised have been put to good use and some of the equipment that is needed has been ordered and is on it's way.  It's a good step forward but we have some way to go - so please watch this space for Race Across Germany - Project 40.  Another attempt by Sabantwana to cycle for charity!





Facebook:  dirk von delft  or  sabantwana

twitter:  dirk von delft


thanks for your time

Team Sabantwana & Dirk von Delft


Name Comment Date Amount
Briar&Greg; Great cause! May 24, 2011 R 2 000.00
Roo Bunny just wanted to make sure you made it.. never doubted you really. Good work DVD x Apr 05, 2011 R 300.00
Tom Elsen Well done!! Apr 03, 2011 R 1 000.00
Manfred & Annemieke Well done, for a good cause! Mar 28, 2011 R 1 000.00
Rosaan Kruger Inspiring! Mar 25, 2011 R 250.00
Willem Smith This is a good cause. Good luck & God bless Mar 25, 2011 R 500.00
Cooldrinks That's what i managed so far..hopefully more to come:-) Mar 24, 2011 R 175.00
Matt and Claire Draper Great idea! A very worthwile cause to cycle for:) Mar 24, 2011 R 300.00
Anoymous Wir Gratulieren Dir Dirk! mach weiter so! Mar 22, 2011 R 2 000.00
Andre Evans Well done Dirk! Mar 21, 2011 R 500.00
Johan & Karine, Danny & Lucia, Sandrina (Belgium) Voor de schattige kinderen van de Oost Kaap. Mar 20, 2011 R 1 165.00
Jozef & Nicole, Jos & Georgette (Belgium) Prachtig resultaat en prachtig initiatief! Mar 20, 2011 R 2 680.00
Marleen & Hans, Peter, Paul & Myriam (Belgium) Goed gedaan. Veel geluk met de instrumenten! Mar 20, 2011 R 2 240.00
Daisy & John Thanks for caring and making us aware! Mar 18, 2011 R 300.00
Jo Schöne Idee Mar 18, 2011 R 100.00
Sarah Well done Dirk!!!!! Mar 17, 2011 R 100.00
Anonymous As promised...please keep your side of the deal!!!! Mar 16, 2011 R 10 010.00
Mie and Garvin Well done Dirk, you're a star. Here's the rest we owe Sabantwana. Mar 15, 2011 R 1 000.00
Pete and Lisi Inspiring dude Mar 14, 2011 R 200.00
Wicus and Jonelle Well done Dirk!!! Mar 13, 2011 R 1 000.00
Helen Jackson (Devon, UK) Pleased to be able to support the cause. Mar 12, 2011 R 110.00
Jan von Delft Respekt! Mar 12, 2011 R 500.00
Kate Riemer's family in the UK & Switzerland Well done, Dirk! A great achievement and a very worthy cause. Mar 11, 2011 R 1 650.00
Marion & Philip Well done, awesome effort & awareness drive Mar 11, 2011 R 1 000.00
Anon Wonderful achievment, Dirk. Best you rest up for the Argus Mar 11, 2011 R 2 000.00
Sharon en André Anything for the children. Mar 10, 2011 R 100.00
Jens, Marianne, Anya, Kai Trap, Cousin, Trap!!! Mar 09, 2011 R 1 000.00
Chris Dirk, please read Flann O'Brian's "The Third Policeman". I think you're well over 60% by now. Mar 09, 2011 R 100.00
Emma and Phil Hey, awesome progress. Keep at it!! Mar 09, 2011 R 500.00
Joanna Fantastic idea. Good Luck! Mar 09, 2011 R 250.00
Spencer and Leigh-Ann Good to have met you. Our door is always open if you want to do this again. Mar 08, 2011 R 100.00
anonymous Hi Dirk, I wish you all the best Mar 08, 2011 R 250.00
Christi Augustyn Go "Dubble O Dirk" Mar 07, 2011 R 200.00
Wendy and George Minter Best of luck on your epic journey! Mar 07, 2011 R 250.00
Adrian Remember every uphill is followed by a downhill. May God bless you, fantastic effort. Mar 07, 2011 R 500.00
Marthin en Christine Hou bene! Mar 07, 2011 R 500.00
Ben, Babs en Baba Hou links, gaan regs verby... Mar 07, 2011 R 1 000.00
Frank & Annette Haul ass, dude... Mar 06, 2011 R 3 000.00
R. Walker Good Luck Mar 05, 2011 R 200.00
Itayi & Yvonne Simango Tell no Lies; Claim no easy Victories (Amilcar Cabral 1924-1973) Mar 04, 2011 R 1 000.00
Stirling Good luck... Mar 04, 2011 R 500.00
Don & Mascha Great effort, Dirk! What a role-model for us all in nation building! Good luck and enjoy! Mar 03, 2011 R 500.00
Mark and Chanelle An epic journey, Godspeed, have fun !! Mar 03, 2011 R 500.00
Erdee Enjoy, it's going to be fun!!! Mar 02, 2011 R 350.00
Barry van Emmenes If only I had your legs! I would have loved to have joined you. Go for it brother! Do us proud. Thank you so very much from the kids. Mar 02, 2011 R 1 000.00
Chris, Karin, Hannah & Leah Alles Gute !!! Mar 02, 2011 R 400.00
Chris Rix Good luck gentlemen! Thanks for making it possible to donate to this good cause Mar 01, 2011 R 200.00
Neil and Maryke Comley Best wishes for a great venture Feb 28, 2011 R 1 000.00
IDa carreras + Nilda Rios saludos desde Cuba! Feb 28, 2011 R 700.00
Santi The best energy and love for the cause! Feb 28, 2011 R 500.00
Nicky & Ed Go well for this inspiring cause Feb 28, 2011 R 550.00
Marc Van Leuven Lots of amandla to you buthi Feb 28, 2011 R 500.00
Anon Good luck, Dirk. Thanks for what you are doing. Feb 28, 2011 R 2 000.00
Sophie Dechêne Good Luck! Feb 28, 2011 R 350.00
Nicky, Nic & Bunn No walking up the hills dirka!! Wish were doing it with you. Have a great ride. nic, nicky and bunn x Feb 28, 2011 R 1 000.00
Rachel Hogg Kia kaha! Feb 28, 2011 R 400.00
Tony de Pinho Wish you all the best. I know from experience, that raising the funds is always harder than the challenge itself. Feb 27, 2011 R 100.00
Mit Good luck Feb 26, 2011 R 2 000.00
Nils&Andrea; ons sal aan jou dink terwyl ons lekker op honeymoon chill - haha Feb 26, 2011 R 500.00
Lyndal and Craig Gibbs Thank you, Dirk and Lauren, for being such an inspiration! Your kindness, enthusiasm and tenacity set a great example for the young survivors you are helping. Feb 25, 2011 R 500.00
Michelle K Amaaaazing! Viel Spaß. Hoffe du hast lecker coastal Rückenwind auf pad. Feb 24, 2011 R 150.00
Mandy & Mathias Awesome idea, you rock! Best of luck! Feb 24, 2011 R 500.00
Nicky and Dave (NZ) You rock! Hoping everything goes perfectly and there is nice cold beer at the end for you! Feb 23, 2011 R 100.00
PaedSurg Good luck! We'll be thinking of you and supporting you the whole way, and before and afterwards. Feb 23, 2011 R 1 600.00
Brad&Lydia; Taylor Enjoy the ride, breathe it all in - what a beautiful part of our country! Thanks for helping change the world little by little;-) Feb 23, 2011 R 1 000.00
Conrad Hey, nächstes mal will ich mit cyclen! viel spass! Feb 23, 2011 R 100.00
Longmores Remember bum're gonna need it!! Feb 23, 2011 R 500.00
A colleague, an admirer and a well-wisher Our prayers are with you! You have the good-will of so many people, you are sure to succeed! God Bless!!! Feb 22, 2011 R 100.00
Sheryl & Andrew Hanger Good Luck! May you have no punctures and strong winds from behind! Feb 21, 2011 R 200.00
Russell Collett Good luck. Great cause Feb 21, 2011 R 500.00
Bryan and Kate Riemer Good luck. A wonderful cause. We won't try and keep up! Feb 21, 2011 R 1 000.00
Susanna Flett Good work Dirk - enjoy the ride! Feb 14, 2011 R 250.00
Anonymous Godspeed! Feb 14, 2011 R 200.00
anonymous children are our future Feb 14, 2011 R 200.00
Anonymous . Feb 10, 2011 R 200.00
SB Good luck Dirk! thanks for organizing this Feb 09, 2011 R 150.00
Geoff and Bev Thank you for your effort to help others! Good Luck, travel safely. Feb 08, 2011 R 250.00
BBAB Übers Gebirg ist der Dirkie gefahren, auf einem Fahrrad mit Staub in den Haaren, wegen Misswirtschaft der staatlichen Mächte, und bringt das Geld zurück; Er bringt das Geld zurück. Feb 08, 2011 R 500.00
Bodo You go boy, pump those legs! Feb 07, 2011 R 250.00
JoUlf The Joulf's are fully behind you...Figuratively. Feb 07, 2011 R 300.00
Cornea Venter / George Wasserman So eine weite Fahrt auf dem Drahtesel für die kranken Kinder verdient Unterstützung! Feb 03, 2011 R 500.00
Greg and Mel Vamos a la victoria!!!! With you all the way, buddy. Feb 03, 2011 R 1 000.00
Yentl hey Dirkie... Just feel so privilieged to be able to contribute at all... Too profound Feb 01, 2011 R 200.00
Michelle Na dann: Viel Spass und Rückenwind und wenig Pannen und keinen Muskelkater... Feb 01, 2011 R 1 200.00
Gerald and Greg Go for it. Keiskamma pass is steep - carbo load is what we say! Feb 01, 2011 R 100.00
Andre Go for it - hope for North-Easterly Winds on the first few days Feb 01, 2011 R 30.00
Francesca Mr S, if I were that tarmac I would be seriously concerned because I know just how "strong" you are! I'm very happy I will be with you at the end of each day! Love you! Jan 28, 2011 R 1 000.00
Plien Good luck Dirk!!!! X. Jan 25, 2011 R 500.00
Arne and Dalene von Delft No sweat, putting the sweet back in CHOC...GO DIRK!! Jan 22, 2011 R 1 000.00
Alexandra Walker What a good cause and amazing challenge. The best of luck. Jan 21, 2011 R 300.00
George Wasserman Wenn einer 1000 Km auf dem Drahtesel fährt.... Jan 20, 2011 R 500.00
Anton en Ineke Yes, you can! Zet 'm op Dirk! Jan 20, 2011 R 1 000.00
Tina Halkiadakis WOW!!! We're all behind you Dirk, every 'step' or 'turn of the wheel' of the way!! Jan 20, 2011 R 200.00
PU von Delphi Alles Gute, tapfrer Dirk! Jan 17, 2011 R 2 000.00
Glenn Abbott Good luck, Dirk. What a wonderful thing to do. Jan 15, 2011 R 150.00
hannes en ritu van velden We'll see who beats who in the Argus... Jan 14, 2011 R 500.00
Stephanos Pericleous Keep up the good work. Jan 13, 2011 R 150.00
Calli, Chris and the Mouton's Hoek Crowd Vannie OesKaap na-die Kaap? Happy Riding! Hope for South Easter Wind Jan 11, 2011 R 200.00
Geraldine O'Hara Good Luck Jan 11, 2011 R 100.00
Chris Calvert Good luck! Jan 11, 2011 R 300.00
Anonymous What an excellent cause, may this money be used to bring hope and restoration Jan 11, 2011 R 500.00
Mie Go for it! You can do it! Great initiative! Jan 10, 2011 R 200.00
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Fundraising target

R 130 000.00

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CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation

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CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA is the only organisation in South Africa that provides comprehensive countrywide support for children with cancer and other life-threatening blood disorders, and their families. CHOC has a head office in Johannesburg, six regional offices, two branches, and 12 accommodation facilities close to treatment centres. CHOC relies heavily on corporate sponsors, donations from groups or individuals wanting to make a difference in the lives of these little ones.

Their comprehensive support improves the welfare and quality of care of children with cancer and offers families a wide range of psychosocial services and practical support such as counselling, free accommodation, free transport and transport fund to ensure that no child abandons treatment due to the family not affording transport costs, food parcels as they recognise the financial difficulties families often face and parent to parent support groups. CHOC also plays a leading advocacy role and promotes early detection to save lives nationally.