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Sailing Therapy

Sailing Therapy

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Our aim is to use the exposure to SAILING as a means to facilitate healing (both mental and physical), as well as to enhance wellbeing and quality of life.

We have a sailing academy based at Zeekoevlei Yacht Club, Cape Town, South Africa.
We have 32 Optimist Dinghies and use Pico’s, Mirrors and Saldanha dinghies to offer our little sailors a fantastic experience, a new skill and the ultimate passion.

AFRICA SAILING PROJECT – taking sailing to Africa
Our aim is to take the joy and freedom of sailing, an integral part of our sailing therapy program, inland to our landlocked communities. We have unlocked the way to take this experience to communities without direct access to water, be it inland waterways or the ocean.

We believe our Sailing Therapy program plays a key role in helping kids who are vulnerable, either due to compromised health or poverty, to overcome their physical and mental hardships.

Sailing helps to improve motor skills and coordination, self-confidence, independence, identity formation, focus, and pride through accomplishment.  We use sailing to show that the benefits of this therapeutic and recreational rehabilitative activity, can offer all of the above as well as the experience of adventure, mobility, and freedom.

A key component of our sailing therapy is education on water safety, sustainability and ocean conservation.

The Africa Sailing Project will combine our Sailing Therapy program (Survive) with our Beautification projects (Thrive)

By beautify many children’s educational and health facilities along the route, this project will inspire many and bring smiles and hope to disadvantaged communities.

ALL funds raised will be used for sailing therapy. It will help to cover the costs of the sailing theory and practical lessons at the Sailing Academy, as well as the provision of some much-needed equipment. It will also be used for the development and execution of the Africa Sailing Project, the first of its kind.


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Fundraising target

R 500 000.00

The Little Optimist Trust

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The Little Optimist Trust's mission is to offer hope and inspiration to marginalised kids, to help them SURVIVE and THRIVE.

Our main beneficiaries are vulnerable children, be they marginalized economically or have compromised health.