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Supporting vulnerable refugees in Cape Town

Supporting vulnerable refugees in Cape Town

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We are raising funds for vulnerable refugees in Cape Town. Since October, many refugees from various African countries have been living on the streets of Cape Town. These people have been victims of xenophobia and were excluded from their communities. Families including many children are out on the streets with no food and no money. We are deeply saddened by the situation. There are lots of children not going to school, women who are in their last trimester of pregnancy and then there is the unhygienic way of living during a global pandemic. Mothers fear the safety of their children and men have had enough of xenophobic violence. These circumstances cannot continue any longer and solutions are needed.

Both the South African government and NGO’s have been unwilling to help them return to a safe environment. The refugees have been forcefully removed from their whereabouts on the streets, from the Methodist Church to the Cape Town Central Police Station. Due to COVID-19 , the refugees have been relocated to shelters, however, the conditions are bad. There is not a lot of space and people are crammed up together. Social distancing is not an option here and hygiene is low. The pandemic affected the whole word, but these refugees have become extremely vulnerable. Besides the bad living conditions, the refugees worry about their expiring documents. The government has announced that they do not have to fear getting arrested, but what about their social services? The refugees will not be able to get accommodation or have acces to health services. Their challenges continue to build up while being abandoned from society.

We, from Africa Unite, have decided to take action. Not only do we want to assist them in finding accommodation and essential needs, we must also think in the long-term. We developed a skill-sharing workshop where an expert teaches the refugees valuable lasting skills which enables them to start a business, supporting their families and communities in the long run. Face masks are currently in high demand due to the fear of the virus, therefore, teaching the refugees how to sow face masks will allow them to both protect their communities from the virus and to get an income to provide for their families.

The fund raised with this cause will help us provide resources necessary to start up the refugee's businesses. We need materials, such as fabric and sewing kits, to begin the workshops. We also want to provide the participants with a starting set of materials to initiate the sale process. We also would like to use funds to support refugees with their essential needs.

We want to help as many families as we can, but unfortunately, we are financially limited. Time is running out and our hands are tied. It is our goal to raise as much money as possible and we are therefore calling to organizations and individuals willing to help us with our cause. Every donation is appreciated to help these poor families get back on their feet and ensure a stable future.

Funds raised will be paid directly into the relevant institution.



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  • "Thank you for your invaluable work " - Mary

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We are raising funds for vulnerable refugees in Cape Town.