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Sameshni's Hike for Woman and Children infected with HIV

Sameshni's Hike for Woman and Children infected with HIV

Personal message

Difficult roads led to Kilimanjaro

Sameshni Moodley was diagnosed with HIV in 2008. After the painful and difficult realisation of her circumstances and then finally acceptance, she began her impassioned journey to live her life by inspiring and helping others. In an effort to raise funds and create awareness of the multitude of challenges experienced by mothers and children living with HIV/AIDS, Sameshni will begin her summit of Mount Kilimanjaro on 17 October 2018.

Education = Power

Sameshni Moodley is exceedingly optimistic that through her climb, although it seems incredibly daunting, will create high impact in her mission to raise much needed awareness and funds. She aims to use the resulting donations, to help educate and equip woman and young girls living with HIV on how to live their best, healthiest and most courageous lives despite their conditions. A subject close to her heart is the stigma associated with HIV and Sameshni herself is no stranger to the impact of “being labelled” by both known and unknown people around her. Sameshni says, “This is one of the most difficult challenges I am embarking on but it represents so much more than overcoming a physical challenge. This climb represents the “mountain” of life’s challenges we must all overcome despite our individual circumstances and the opportunities that can be exposed during our journey through our dark days.” She adds that the funds will therefore be used practically, to support the women and children’s physical and emotional critical needs.

Healing is a process

As part of her own healing process, Sameshni has, over the years, become committed to a holistic health focus. She trains 6 times a week and her diet consists of lean protein, vegetables, wholegrains and lots of water; with the occasional piece of chocolate or slice of red velvet cake. As part of her Kilimanjaro training ritual, she visits Westcliff stairs every Sunday and does at least 4 rounds of climbing and descending the steps. Sameshni says, “It may sound ironic but I always say that HIV actually saved my life! If I didn’t find out my status over 10 years ago, I would have continued on my downward spiral of substance abuse and binge eating. I realised I didn’t just want to live, but I wanted to live the very best life I could – without filters”. In order to be climb ready, Sameshni needs to stay active, fit and be able to increase her endurance levels. She is also supported by other health conscious individuals and companies such as Go Health Gym who has come on board to sponsor her personal trainer as well as hosting various fitness events to assist in funding her climb, the equipment as well as raising awareness of the initiative.


Sameshni aims to raise R100 000 through this initiative.

Part of Sameshni’s climb is self-funded (Training, flights and deposits have been paid). While this seems an unbelievable and huge challenge now says Sameshni, she believes that small acts when multiplied by millions of people can transform the World.

We would like invite friends, family and corporates to join the movement and help raise the additional funds.


How you can join and support

Any Donations or purchase of equipment needed (Please contact Sameshni for these details)

All proceeds will be donated towards the climb and the cause.



Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 100 000.00

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