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R 600 000

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Dear all, Today, I'm writing to ask you to support the Fourth Industrial Revolution device that I developed for health and safety to save the lives of everyone worldwide 🌍 By donating just any amount, $1+💰💵🧾🧾 To donate is not only for me but for everyone to promote the lifesaving benefits of the world and create job opportunities.
We need to unite and promote the device to continue saving the lives of our children, friends, and families. It is only possible for you to donate to generate the devices to be manufactured as many as possible. Many people suffer because there is no perfect solution, so the device will be a great solution for the world. The device will create job opportunities, save lives,badly situations , including crime,healthcare conditions , etc sets. 
I believe we all love our families as much as we love this device that will save lives. Let’s promote this and live a healthy and protected lifestyle, eliminating all unnecessary suffering worldwide. I will make sure the device is distributed to people in need first in an emergency. 🚨 

🆘 ⌚️Devices will all fight to save our nation, and produce positive-results. With all the support, thank you for your time. Please continue doing the right thing to contribute and fight the negative impact.


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R 600 000.00

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