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Sarah Rides for Rainbows

Sarah Rides for Rainbows

Personal message

Thank you for clicking on my page.

As many of you know, in my spare time (in the evenings and on the weekends), I am a very passionate spinning instructor at Virgin Active, Cedar Square, Fourways.  I do this for fun (almost 4 years now) as I love the adrenaline rush of cardio exercise.  I also cycle (mainly on the road, having completed my first Argus this year) and I am attempting my 3rd 94.7 race this year, finally on a road bike!  This is the second year that I am riding the 94.7 to raise money for Rainbows and Smiles charity (who support children with cancer).  They are an awesome charity who assist with early detection of cancer in children. 

After spinning one day I met a lady that inspired me so much (having also lost my mum to breast cancer 7 years ago) that I decided to devote my race to this lady whilst raising funds for Rainbows and Smiles.

Meet Susan Walker:

Susan was 47 years old when she found a lump in her left breast.  Susan's mammogram confirmed the worst, she had breast cancer.  Susan's best option was to have a double mastectomy with reconstruction.  She had her first operation in February 2015 followed by a second one in August 2015.

Susan is thankfully recovering and all has gone well. 

Words from Susan "I encourage all women to regularly check their breasts for lumps and to go for regular mammograms because it could save your life since early detection is the key! Cancer is certainly a very scary word and to be told that you have it, is far worse but I have been one of the lucky ones to survive it and live to tell the tale! My eldest son Lewis Walker is a regular at Sarah’s spinning class and now a very good friend of hers. They got chatting one day after the class and Lewis mentioned that I had breast cancer. A couple of days later, Sarah bumped into myself and Lewis. I finally got to meet the fantastic spinning teacher that Lewis was always mentioning. After Lewis introduced us she told us that she would cycle the 94.7 in honor of my fight as a breast cancer survivor."

"Sarah, I cannot put into words just how proud I am that you are willing to cycle 94.7km's in aid of me. This is something that I certainly will never forget and am so grateful for.  Sarah, I wish you the very best of luck and I will be there on the day supporting you! You are one brave woman! You go Sarah, see you at the finishing line!"

All funds raised will go to childhood cancer foundation Rainbows and Smiles, but this race is dedicated to my special and dear new friend Susan Walker.

The founder of Rainbows and Smiles Bonita Suckling lost her son Jed to cancer at the very young age of 5 years old.  As a mother myself I cannot imagine this pain and loss.  My mum Jilly always said that her dying at age 55 was not too bad.  She was so very brave.  My mum said she'd prefer to pass away as at least it wasn't a child who was taken away at an even younger age.  This is why I chose to ride for Rainbows and Smiles.  My mum would have picked this charity.  My mum would have wanted to prevent cancer in children first.

Bonita Suckling, the founder of this charity is one of the strongest women that I have ever met.  She is an inspiration to all that she meets.  She has more energy than anyone that I have ever met even when she has faced such adversity.

I ride 2015 in honour of Jed, Jilly, Bonita and a cancer survivor Susan Walker.

See you on the road!

Love Sarah




  • Nov 27, 2015 - R 1 000.00
  • "Sorry so late" - Pixel Displays.

  • Nov 19, 2015 - R 1 000.00
  • "Good Luck - from Net Assess" - Net Assess (Pty) Ltd

  • Nov 16, 2015 - R 190.00
  • "All the best." - Chris (Susan's friend)

  • Nov 11, 2015 - R 200.00
  • "You're inspirational Sarah, as are all those you're riding for, go well!!" - Verna

  • Nov 10, 2015 - R 1 000.00
  • "Well done Sarah! You are a wonderful role model for Savannah!" - Deidre

  • Nov 10, 2015 - R 200.00
  • "Very proud of you my friend. Well done for participating in such an amazing cause. " - Yvonne and Diederick

  • Nov 05, 2015 - R 300.00
  • "Such a beautiful cause - good luck!" - NADINE TODD

  • Nov 04, 2015 - R 1 000.00
  • "All the best Sarah ,How proud I am that you are willing to cycle 94.7km's in aid of me. This is something that I certainly will never forget and am so grateful fo" - Ross & Susan Walker

  • Nov 04, 2015 - R 600.00
  • "All the best." - Stewart & Hilda Walker ( Lewis's Grandparents )

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R 5 500.00

Fundraising target

R 3 000.00

Rainbows and Smiles Foundation

Rainbows and Smiles Foundation Logo

The mission of Rainbows and Smiles is to provide emotional, social and financial support to families and caregivers in need when a child or children of that family is diagnosed with a life threatening illness such as cancer. In addition, Rainbows and Smiles encourage childhood cancer awareness to educate in the hope of promoting early detection.

To set up your own fundraising page for Rainbows and Smiles click here