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Personal message

My name is Sarel Barnard. Hi everyone. I am probably going to be widely criticized because I am not homeless or destitute. I have had and undergone some difficulties in not making the right choices with a very very small business I have been trying to get working. I have had two heart failures and my heart functions at 34%. There are absolutely no family I can fall back onto for help or assistance. I do not post this as means for sympathy. I have enough highly respected and professional people that can vouch for my situation and condition. A very beautiful and caring family saw it fit to take me in in Polokwane. They have graciously financed my relocating here. I have made bade decisions that cost me dearly. If you want to know more about me you can go to YouTube and type in Getuines Sarel Barnard NG Kerk Gordonsbaai. Not a nice story. I need to develop and expand my little business to support me in old age and currently do not have a vehicle. If you feel led to assist me in any way what so ever please contact me on 082 510 2672. I will gladly supply you with reference numbers to verify that wish I stated and the reason for pleading for assistance.

Reaching my target will enable me to re-esteblish my business and buy an cheap motor vehicle.


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Fundraising target

R 50 000.00

Sarel Barnard Support Cause

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My name is Sarel Barnard. I am raising funds to get my business up and running again, as well as to buy a small inexpensive car.