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Funding to Compete in the World Transplant Games 2023 in Perth, Australia

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The South African Transplant Sports Association (SATSA) was established in April 1994 as the Transplant Games Association of SA (TGASA) by a small group of organ recipients, who felt the need for such an organisation.  It changed its name to SATSA in 2006 and has an own constitution and are members of the World Transplant Games Federation (WTGF) which is affiliated to the International Olympic Committee (IOC).  SATSA is recognized by the Department of Sport and Recreation in South Africa, is a non-profit organisation (NPO 004-595) and Public Benefit Organisation: Sect 18(A). Also an Affiliated Member of the SA Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC). This ensures that our teams officially represent South Africa and receive Protea Colours.

World Transplant Games:

The first World Transplant Games, under the auspices of WTGF, were held during 1978 at Portsmouth in England.  Today the games are held every two years and the participants include heart, heart/lung, liver, pancreas, kidney and bone-marrow recipients.


Participation in the World Transplant Games is the goal toward which most of our athlete members strive. It is also a highlight for those who can reach the Qualifying Standards and are then selected to represent South Africa at the WTG as it is a “Celebration of Life” shared with participants – Organ Recipients – from some 60 countries around the World.

In spite of the Team’s successes at the World Games, there is very little said about their achievements and they receive very little media exposure – not for a lack of trying  SATSA will have to rely on donations and sponsorship to travel to Australia in 2023.

Along with every other component of society, it is no surprise that Transplant Sport has also been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the most significant disruption to the worldwide sporting calendar since World War II. Across the world and to varying degrees, sports events have been cancelled or postponed. The 2020 National Transplant Games in Pretoria were cancelled and the 2021 World Transplant Games in Houston were also cancelled.

With the rise in unemployment caused by the pandemic, many of our members will not have the disposable income available to contribute towards attending the World Games and other associated costs with sport participation.

Our athletes all had life-saving organ transplants and they are at a much higher risk than other individuals as the immunosuppressant medication render them immune incompetent. Many of our athletes also come from impoverished communities and they too must be equally protected from infections and possible death.

We are hoping to take a Team of about 65 athletes (55 seniors & 10 juniors – 35% are generic black and 33% women.) to Australia in April 2023. Unlike other sports teams, the family and friends accompanying the athletes act as helpers and only a full-time manager is taken along.

We have, as in the past few years attracted a large number of athletes from previously disadvantaged communities and due to their financial circumstances financial support & donations will be of even more importance so as to assist them in covering their costs. This will put an even heavier burden on the Association and those athletes who are able to make a contribution towards the expenses of the Team.

Without support from individuals, such as yourselves, it will be impossible for us to take these financially disadvantaged athletes along. Apart from being a loss to the Team, as these athletes all expect to perform well, it is sad, as expectations have been created and then these athletes who have already experienced great health and financial trauma, again experience disappointment in not being able to fulfil a dream of competing on the World stage and against their peers.


In conclusion:

In the light of the above-given situation it will be highly appreciated by all concerned should it be possible for individuals, organisations or companies to support SATSA by making a donation towards this cost. Any amount will be appreciated as it will lessen the pressure on the Association to assist the various athletes financially. Should you be in a position to assist financially, we would appreciate it. The PBO status, also allows SATSA to issue a Tax Benefit Certificate to donor or sponsoring companies.

We look forward to your assistance.



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