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Save Dead Animals Walking

Save Dead Animals Walking

Personal message

My name is Richelle and I am the director of Dead Animals Walking animal rescue NPO. My team and I dedicate our time, resources and love to rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing wrongfully, cruelly or abusively handled animals.

We cannot do the work that we do, and save the animals that we do without the kindness and generosity of donations from our supporters. Unfortunatly we have been receiving more animal cases than we have donations to support them and times have become rather desperate for these poor creatures.

Animals cannot help themselves, they cant speak up or make a plan to feed themselves like us humans can.

Food Plea: Currently we have 18 rescue does at the haven, 2 lambs, 2 goats, 2 pigs and some rescued calves, cows and chickens. They all need food and we are running out fast and there is no money to buy when the feed bins are empty.

We need 14 bags of dog food every 2 weeks to feed all the dogs twice a day. Ontop of feeding the dogs we also need to feed the farm animals with lamb Pellets, Oat Hay or Lucern bales, Chicken feed and Bran/Pig.

 In order for DAW to continue saving animal’s lives we need the following to be covered on a monthly basis:

  • R6000 to cover vet bills for all aspects of what the rescued animals and township animals need every month.
  • R4400 to buy dog food every month.
  • R4000 to buy feed for the farm animals every month.
  • R4000 to buy vaccines, dewormers, dips, shampoos, ointments, medicines and any other supplements needed for our first aid kit for the township animals and our medicine cabinet at the haven.
  • R6720 to cover my staffs wages every month, which is R120 per day, 7 days a week for 2 staff members.

 I do not draw a salary from DAW at all but there are a few other costs to take into consideration, fuel, airtime, data, vehicle maintenance etc. So in order for DAW to survive right now this moment we need to raise R13,052.74. But to ensure there is a future for DAW to continue saving and changing lives we need R26000

I know that many of you are loving owners to well cared for pets, I ask you to please consider what life would be like for your animal if they were not placed in your loving care but in the hands of someone who didn’t care for them. Would you now want an organisation like DAW to have saved them? Please consider making a small monthly contribution so that we can continue to save animals and find them loving forever homes.


  • Jan 28, 2022 - USD $ 9.98
  • "For the dogs. " - Chay

  • Nov 26, 2015 - R 50.00
  • "I know it is not much, but hope it can help! All the best to the D.A.W! " - Marise

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Donations to date

R 196.19

Fundraising target

R 26 000.00

Dead Animals Walking

Dead Animals Walking Logo

Dead Animals Walking, is a Non Profit Organization giving ALL, badly abused and neglected animals, on the verge of death, a DAW(door) to a new life!!