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Enrich After School Care Activities

Enrich After School Care Activities

Personal message

We are an NPO situated in The Little Karoo, VANWYKSDORP.  I work as principal at the After School Care Project with Brandon Erasmus; who is my assistant, working with the children.  We offer after school care activities; that the school may not be able to cater for e.g. art, sports, life skills, as the school has limited facilities to offer after school activities. 
We like coming up with original activities for the children and have found that they have a love of role-playing.  We are currently funded by DSD (Department of Social Development) and this assists in providing a meal per child, per day, upon completion of the afternoon activity.  We are crowdfunding so that we may enhance the experience of the after school care activities and to add to the resources available to us.  We are looking at adding/introducing things like table tennis, foosball, projector to watch movies/educational media, musical instruments.  Another item that would benefit the children greatly; would be a swimming pool, a large portable one would suffice, as we would like to introduce swimming lessons as an activity.  There are no pool facilities available to the children in the community and drownings become the norm on an annual basis due to swimming in rivers, when looking for a place to cool down.  Our facility caters to 40 children+, between the ages of 6-14 years old.  Having the opportunity to grow the resources available, would also be advantageous to the attendance levels.  As part of the monies donated will also be used to host the end of year farewell function for the children.  Should there be funds still available, we would like to enhance fundraising efforts to add to any other activities that may be offered over and above after school care activities. We do have a volunteer who would like to arrange an educational camp weekend and we would then need to arrange tents/sleeping bags to facilitate this activity.  


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 25 000.00

Oempie Doempie After School Care

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We are a community centre based in the little Karoo.  We facilitate up to 40 children between the ages of 6  to 15 years old. We offer various activities such as, dancing,sport,roleplaying,life skills etc.  We are rasing funds in order to facilitate any expenses over and above regular after school care activity that may arise and to add to the experience of activities offered.  We currently receive funding from the DSD {Department of Social Development} which affords each child a plate of food on a daily basis.  We are always striving for a better experience for the children and always welcome additions in terms of adding to the activities.