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ECD and remedial education

ECD and remedial education

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My name is Corrie Coertzee and I live in Gauteng.

Dynamixteaching has 2 schooling programs to educate the disadvantaged. An ECD numeracy and literacy program for kids 4-8 years old, and a remedial program to help the left-behind ones from grade 4 - 12.

Funding is a challenge as the poor have no funds. Funding will make it possible to get this to them. Both of these programs can be seen as an entrepreneur opportunity. Our inspiration is to train the less fortunate with an equal opportunity to enter the world.

We are seeking sponsorship for the payment of the workbooks for 10 people.

Every child can have 5 workbooks that should last them for about 4 years, to learn to read and write. The program also offers an opportunity for unemployed females to start a mobile learning Center. This can help them become financially independent as they will be able to charge parents who can pay a nominal fee for the tuition.

We want possible donors to have the liberty to suggest where they would like the books to go to.

This remedial schooling program is for left-behind children due to overpopulated classrooms, transport problems, domestic issues, health problems, and sibling parenting.

This is called "School in a Box". This is a complete box to educate learners from grade 4 to grade 12 in the CAPS curriculum. There are 10 Tablets in a box with a router and the server. This means the user will not need an internet connection but must be in range. An electric connection is necessary.

This is a great opportunity to start a mobile learning center that will earn income to the facilitator. The cost charged by facilitators is moderated by us and we train potential facilitators. The cost on a box is R37 000.(includes licensing for 2 years). This will enhance 10 students. All work will be evaluated and checked by School in a Box.

*Funds raised will go directly to Resthavenministries. to cover the cost of the workbooks*


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We are raising funds to cover the cost of workbooks for 10 individuals which will create a business opportunity for potential facilitators and provide a learning platform for the disadvantaged.