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School One

School One

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Education develops critical thinking. This is vital in teaching a person how to use logic when making decisions and interacting with people (e.g., boosting creativity, enhancing time management). Education helps an individual meet basic job qualifications and makes them more likely to secure better jobs.

Funds will be used to for restoring the water pipes on the school premises. 

Breakdown of funds: 

  • Water pipes      =R1500
  • Plumbing         =R2000
  • Equipment      =R5000
  • Labour            =R1500


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 10 000.00

Isikholo Foundation

Isikholo Foundation Logo

Welcome to the Isikholo Foundation

In English, "Isikholo" means "the School Foundation."

Our motto is: "Dedicate to Educate."

Our vision highlights the importance of inclusive quality education for all and that all underprivileged schools migrate to a standard of excellence, the same as schools currently formed in privileged areas.

For us, that is real empowerment. We believe that education is key to improving one's life and conditions to break the vicious cycle of poverty and be given the opportunity.

The 3 Founders of the Isikholo Foundation come from disadvantaged and underprivileged environments. We all agree that it was only by the Grace of God and the opportunity to stay within the schooling environment that we could transcend the backgrounds we come from.

Every child should be given a chance to break the circle of poverty by being equipped with the tools of education to carve a better future.

Therefore, we want to start a new movement whereby we mobilise and educationally revolutionise communities, business and humanitarian foundations to support the schools in their environment and dedicate their alma mater status to education.

How do we operate?

We know that people are so busy and occupied in their daily lives, but all of us have one thing in common: our children's education and well-being. 

We, therefore, encourage previous scholars of their schools (primary and secondary/high) to support by contributing to their school funds by making a small but continuous or recurrent monthly or annual contribution to the school. 

Isikholo Foundation NPC will collect the funds and transfer them to the various school bank accounts monthly. Our partnership with BackaBuddy is a significant step in the right direction. They will provide quality technical support and ensure that the Isikholo Foundation will continuously operate within the legal precinct.

We partner with a reputable Financial Institution and make the monthly collected funds available for the School Principal and its Governing Body to spend on the items and programs identified by the school. 

These programmes could inter alia include:

  • Curriculum Interventions
  • Infra Structure Developments
  • Governance and Management Development
  • Teaching and Learning Interventions
  • Three-tier Curriculum Development
  • Staff Development
  • Skills Development

Isikholo Foundation NPC keeps abreast of the developments and will keep track and share stories of how the founders made a difference in the lives of the learners and the whole school.

On our portal, you will find a link to your existing or previous school and an opportunity to pledge your support to your school of choice.

We are transparent in listing the donors publicly monthly. Donors will meet their old schoolmates on our site and would encourage them to stay involved in the business of their alma mater.

We issue a tax-deductible certificate at the end of the financial tax year to our individual and corporate donors.

We remain committed to charging as little as possible on transaction fees and transferring as much possible of the committed amount to the school fund. 

We aim to secure at least 500 funders or contributors per school and to get a commitment for a monthly contribution of R100 per month, the target is set at R50 000 per month. 

We often spend such an amount so easily on a box of chocolates, alcohol, betting etc. We asked our colleagues in the education environment if such a monthly contribution from the community would make any difference, and the response was an overwhelming YES!!!

Let's not make it just the government's problem but rally our friends, colleagues and businesses in the environment to join this movement and get involved in empowering our schools.

The privileged schools usually have sophisticated fundraising campaigns going in their old boy's network.

Now any school can get such a campaign going with a click of a few buttons.

This is what ISIKHOLO is trying to achieve. To make it so easy for those who have the cause of education at heart and those who would like to plough back into the schools that contributed to their education and standing in the community today.

Let us build our legacy and dedicate ourselves to educating… PLEASE JOIN THE ISIKHOLO FOUNDATION NOW

The ISIKHOLO FOUNDATION is to be found at: or