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Gift of the Givers School Toilets -  Replacing Hazardous Pit Latrines

Gift of the Givers School Toilets - Replacing Hazardous Pit Latrines

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The South African education system produces some of the best doctors, accountants, teachers, engineers and other professionals – in the world. On the other end of the spectrum, we have schools with asbestos classrooms, insufficient space and furniture, no running water and the precarious pit latrines.

In 2018, following the outcry of several deaths resulting from the unavoidable use of pit toilets at rural schools, a report was released identifying almost 4000 schools with inadequate sanitation facilities or no toilets at all. 

Our Response

In 2018 Gift of the Givers created a team for the purpose of identifying schools and finding an adequate solution. Our teams visited 20 schools in KwaZulu-Natal – some of which had broken toilets. Others had no toilets at all. Kids would defecate in the open. 
After testing a number of solutions – we finally settled on the Pour Flush and VIP solutions from a supplier in Hammarsdale. 

Benefits of the toilet

As a result of emerging odours, the existing pit toilets were built some distance away from the school creating a safety risk for children who are left unattended. Visibility inside the cubicle is compromised due to poor lighting and the absence of windows. These schools have no access to running water and are not connected to sewage lines. The risk of contracting infections and diseases are high with no way of flushing excreta and the added pitfall of no running water to wash one’s hands.

With toilet doors absent, privacy during menstruation is non-existent leading to many skipped classes. The ripple effect to this grappling issue across rural South Africa is that girls do not benefit from classroom time, curtailing opportunities to study further and improve their lives overall. The benefits are not only practical but enhances a child’s a learning environment and improves overall well-being.

- It eliminates odours and the presence of flies
- Requires no main water connections
- The doors are made of high-density polymer with no sharp edges
- The pre-cast concrete toilet structure provides a dignified and sustainable solution for rural schools
- Safety Features built-in to prevent kids from getting hurt
- Easy to build kit – so does not require highly skilled artisans
- Cost Effective 

In order to resolve to a compatible solution per school and in keeping within budget, the Gift of the Givers team carefully considered the number of children, staff, pre-existing toilets and access to running water. After balancing out each element the team decides on either the Eaziloo Pour Flush or VIP toilet and the number of units to install.   

Project Costs 

Total Cost Per Toilet: R9 500.00

Future Plans 
This project is now running for just under two years. During this time, we have assisted schools in Pietermaritzburg, Ndwedwe, Maphumulo, Greytown, Mphophomeni, Nqutu, Nitinini, Estcourt, Bergville and Hazyview. We have completed 15 schools with more than 100 units installed – and 1000’s of kids are already benefitting. We have trained two more teams to do the installation – so we are now able to complete an average of three schools per month. 

For 2020 – we have identified a number of schools already: 
- 3 in Pietermaritzburg and surrounding areas
- 2 in Nqutu
- 6 in the Estcourt area 

We still have a number of requests to investigate and so will continue adding schools to the list. 

Donors are eligible for Section 18A Tax Certificates. Please email your proof of contribution and postal details to [email protected]


  • Jun 01, 2020 - R 1 000.00
  • "Education is the beginning of a brighter, safer future. Children do not deserve to die while performing a natural bodily function." - Anonymous

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  • "Well done!!! " - Ismail

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  • "Excellent initiative yet again!!!" - Tasneem

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    Well-done contribution to our society is impeccable. Subhanallah

    " - Ilham

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  • "Excellent Initiative " - Ahmed

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    Very thoughtful

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  • "Brilliant initiative, and with trusted team capable of executing this well-needed project!!" - Gregory Mountford

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  • "Simple project - but big impact. Thank you!" - Sadia

  • Feb 18, 2020 - R 1 028.20
  • "A fantastic project. Keep it up" - Anonymous

  • Feb 18, 2020 - R 1 028.20
  • "Great initiative!!! " - Paul Bright

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