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3E (Education, Emploi et Entreprenariat) campaign!

3E (Education, Emploi et Entreprenariat) campaign!

Personal message

For some time now, we have noticed that many young girls who are under the age of eighteen (18) and drop out of school because of teenage pregnancies. These young mothers are left in themselves without financial or family support. Because most of them come from poor families.

As a result, a real problem of maintaining their babies without a father (sometimes) or a minor father arises.

This social problem generates harmful consequences because a good part of these mother-girls are rejected by society or even by their own families because of religious, cultural, traditional considerations, etc.

Without family or state help, they engage in clandestine prostitution to meet their needs and those of their children with the enormous risk of easily spreading STIs or AIDS.

To deal with this situation, we decided to set up a project called 3E (Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship) whose main objective is to select 
twenty young girls who dropped out of school because of several factors such as early pregnancy, poverty, forced marriages, etc, to give them a second chance to train in ceramics which is a new profession in Ziguinchor.

At the end of their three (3) training, an end-of-training certificate will be issued to them. And we will follow them for a period of one (1) year in the professional world.



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Fundraising target

R 20 000.00

Center for SEEDS in Literature and Arts

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The organization is created in Boucotte-Ouest (Municipality of Ziguinchor), in accordance with the provisions of Law 66-70 of July 13, 1966, as amended and Decree No. 76-0040 of January 16, 1976, an Association called: Center For SEEDS In Literature And Arts. Its duration is unlimited, its head office is located in Boucotte-Ouest, opposite the Collette SENGHOR dispensary, (Municipality of Ziguinchor). (It can be transferred to another locality in the regional territory by the decision of the Steering Committee of the General Assembly).

The Association called: Center For SEEDS In Literature And Arts - aims:

• Unite members animated by the same ideal and create between them bonds of understanding, solidarity, fraternity, cordiality, and mutual aid;

• Realize the practical conditions for an appropriate development for the self-promotion of grassroots communities;

• Develop artistic & cultural projects and programs;

• Promote and promote young talents;

• Encourage the practice of cultural activities in preschool and school environment and develop study, research, and supervision activities on any issue relating to education, health, citizenship, children's rights, the culture of peace, the gender approach, cultural diversity, the environment, socio-economic and social issues;

• Promote entrepreneurship through the creation of micro-projects;

• Fight against marginalization, poverty, and underemployment of young people;

• Advocate for the defense of the interests of the Arts;

• Establish partnership relationships with individuals, structures, or organizations from other horizons working in the same direction.