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Serving the Syrian refugees

Serving the Syrian refugees

Personal message

Last year I had the opportunity to go and serve in other countries. For me it was an adventure with Jesus. Learning who God our Father is, God our friend Jesus and God as the Holy Spirit. I have found that the Father is full of surprises and absolutely loves it the take us on an adventure with Him to learn more about His Father heart for me. This year so far was a journey on its own here in the southern parts of South Africa:  learning about community living, serving, love for your neighbour and unconditional love just to mention a few.

Where am I at now? I am in the transition period from one season to another.

Very soon I’ll be leaving to go and serve in Jordan for about 2 months. I’ll be joining a long term, full-time team that is stationed in Mafraq. They work as an occupational therapist, a doctor and a nurse. They work mostly with the Syrian refugees. They’ve invited me to go and serve with them. To share the joy that Father have put in my heart in a place that is broken and where it is hard to find joy. To break the language barrier and share a cup of tea and have a laugh together. To help out someone in need. To pray silently for a person as they stand or sit in front of me. To share Father's love with someone. And just to be and let Gods light shine through me.

How did I come to this…?

During May this year I just felt it on my heart that I need to say that I’m available. After I said that I’m available things started to roll forward. These past couple of weeks I have learned more about the culture of the Jordanians and Syrians, the Muslim belief and how Muslims see Jesus etc.

I’m excited to go and serve with the team that is stationed in Mafraq. But I need your help. How can you help? I need prayer and financial support. Should your heart be stirred by this please contribute towards my cause.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my letter…


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I need funds for the time that I will be serving in Jordan from mid October 2018 till mid January 2019. Funds will go for traveling (from SA to Jordan and back, travel while in Jordan) lodging and food.