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Sewing School

Sewing School

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Fundraising Target:
R 155 000

Personal message

We're currently in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign for our Sewing School Program, a transformative initiative aimed at empowering unemployed women and mothers within our community who share a passion for sewing. Through a collaboration with TVET College Pty Ltd, we provide a comprehensive range of courses, covering both domestic and industrial sewing skills.

The funds we raise will play a crucial role in various aspects of the program, including the support of our dedicated facilitators, the development of our curriculum, and the provision of essential materials like needles, thread, buttons, zips, and trims. Additionally, we ensure access to venue space and cover electricity expenses. But that's not all; every participant in the domestic sewing program receives a domestic sewing machine to kick-start their own small business. For those enrolled in the industrial machine skills course, we offer comprehensive support to help them secure employment in factories.

Our current domestic course cohort comprises 25 participants, all of whom are remarkable black females. Among them, 80% are single mothers, and two participants are navigating the journey of first-time motherhood. This program goes beyond sewing skills; it creates a supportive community where these women can rely on one another for guidance and navigate the unique challenges of parenting, including those associated with children facing behavioral difficulties.

By supporting our crowdfunding campaign, you're directly changing the lives of these incredible women. Your contribution equips them with vital skills and resources, enabling them to establish businesses or find employment. Ultimately, your support empowers them to enhance their livelihoods and create brighter futures for themselves and their families.

Thank you for considering backing our Sewing School Program. Together, we can make a significant difference in uplifting the women in our community.

Key Impact Areas:

  1. Empowerment: Provide opportunities for unemployed women and mothers to acquire valuable sewing skills.

  2. Economic Growth: Foster economic growth by supporting women in developing their entrepreneurial abilities.

  3. Financial Stability: Improve financial stability and overall quality of life by offering participants domestic sewing machines.

  4. Community Support: Create a supportive community for women facing similar challenges.

  5. Well-being: Enhance overall well-being and resilience through emotional support.

  6. Pathway to Employment: Provide pathway and progression support for participants to secure employment in factories.

  7. Reduced Inequality: Reduce income inequality and promote social mobility.

  8. Lives Uplifted: Uplift the lives of participants and contribute to community development and prosperity.

How Your Contribution Will Be Utilized:

  • Sewing Equipment: Purchase sewing machines and equipment for participants.

  • Training Programs: Provide training and skill development programs for unemployed women and mothers.

  • Business Start-Up: Offer financial support for participants to kick-start their own sewing businesses.

  • Operational Costs: Cover operational costs such as venue rental, utilities, and supplies.

  • Outreach: Invest in marketing and outreach efforts to reach more women in need.

  • Mentorship: Develop and implement a mentoring program to provide ongoing support and guidance.

  • Impact Measurement: Conduct research and evaluation to measure the impact and effectiveness of the program.

  • Expansion: Expand the program to reach a larger number of unemployed women and mothers.

  • Technological Advancement: Invest in technology and software to enhance productivity and efficiency in sewing operations.

  • Partnerships: Collaborate with local organizations and businesses to create job placement opportunities for participants.


Fundraising target

R 155 000.00

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Experience the transformative power of Philippi Village, a beacon of hope in the midst of a volatile and under-resourced community. Our community-centered space is designed to provide a safe haven for residents, where they can work, play, and grow. With a wide range of facilities, including events and conference areas, a gym, ECD center, clinic, amphitheater, library, and integrated mixed-use spaces, Philippi Village is home to a diverse community of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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