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Help Sharlene with Medical Costs

Help Sharlene with Medical Costs

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In November 2022 my Wife was involved in a massive accident when a driver fell asleep behind the wheel of his vehicle and drove straight into the side of our vehicle, our vehicle was written off but the impact that it had on my wife is life changing as after many tests and doctor visits she was diagnosed with epilepsy and PTSD. in the beginning this was all covered by workmans compensation but months later we are in the situation that we have to pay for the medication and doctor visits out of our own pockets and that is causing huge amounts of stress as we are having to try and secure loans and money we don't have while trying to put food on the table.

we are asking for help to cover these cost while trying to cover schooling for our 4 sons. if you feel you can help we are forever greatful


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R 100 000.00

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Help Sharlene with Medical Costs Campaign