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Hi evryone,

I find myself in a challenging situation, one that I never anticipated. I am a single parent to two wonderful sons. My journey as a single parent began when I got divorced at the age of 32. Life threw another curveball at me when I was in a serious relationship at 45, only to discover that he had cheated on me. The emotional toll was immense, leading to a period of deep depression that cost me my job.

Despite these setbacks, I managed to pick myself up and secure new employment. However, the income I earn barely covers our rent and day-to-day expenses. To add to the strain, both my sons are currently unemployed, further stretching our financial resources.

In the midst of these challenges, my health has taken a hit, and I desperately need medical help that I simply cannot afford. The medical expenses we are facing are substantial, including costs for treatment, doctor fees, travel, medication, and various miscellaneous expenses. Here's a breakdown of the financial burden we are dealing with:

- Medical Expenses: R10,000
- Doctor Fees: R20,000
- Travel: R2,000
- Medication: R20,000
- Miscellaneous Expenses: R8,000

In addition to our immediate financial needs, I am also actively seeking employment opportunities for my sons. My hope is that they can find stable jobs and move into their own apartments, relieving some of the financial strain on me.

This journey has been incredibly tough, but I remain determined to provide a better future for my family. Your understanding and support during this challenging time would mean the world to us.

If you have any resources, advice, or opportunities that could help us, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are grateful for any assistance you can provide.

With heartfelt thanks,


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I am a single parent to two sons, navigating life after a divorce at 32 and a painful breakup at 45.

Despite my efforts, our finances are strained as my employment barely covers our basic needs. Both my sons are currently unemployed, adding to our financial challenges.

My urgent need is medical assistance, including treatment, doctor fees, travel, and medication, amounting to R60,000. Additionally, I am actively seeking employment opportunities for my sons to alleviate our financial burden.

Your support, whether through resources, advice, or opportunities, would immensely help us during this difficult time.

Thank you.