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Study Abroad

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Hi My Name is Shaun And I am 33 years old and I Am under serious financial Stress,I have no income and I have been unemployed now for six months and unable to find work,I have in the past work whit my father and he has passed away just a little over a year ago of acute leukemia cancer aml and I am currently unemployed and can't find a job and I am financially broke I got Dept I can't keep up whit,I can't afford to buy food anymore or pay my bills,Rent ECT, since I have no possible way to buy the food I need to stay alive,it's been six months sins I last had a proper income or a proper proper meal and any proper funds to get my self somewhere in life to become something else, something different, someone new,I'm currently very deeply worried for my self,I might end up on the streets whit out the help,so please if you do decide to help me know that the funds I collect here will purely go to my working visa and residents visa for my self to turn my life around,I have bean in a very dark place for far to long and it is time that I started to ask you guys for help,so for those that have a abit of a kind soul,I bless you very much and a very positive life forever, Blessed it be the Kind One's.

I Would be happy if you could Help by sharing this project! To restore my self.


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