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My name Ethel Kachidima mother to Shelton aged 4 years old staying in Soshanguve Pretoria, SouthAfrica. 

Shelton is my younger son who has special needs. He was born at 38 weeks on the 29th of November 2015 and was born with a birth defect called Tracheo-eosophageal fistula with eosophageal atresia at George Mukhari Academic Hospital.

He received a life saving operation at 3 days old to correct the fistula and atresia. He was later diagnosed with Treacher Collins Syndrome (TCS) which is a birth defect that affects the facial bones and features. He also has mixed hearing loss and wears a bone-anchored hearing aid which assists him to hear better.

During the pregnancy, l had to leave my job as a cleaner because l was sick during the whole pregnancy. After his birth, l was unable to go back to work because Shelton required my constant attention, with the hospital appointments almost every week and him being sick often. lt had been a constant struggle with money to get him to hospital appointments and to see specialists when the government hospital couldn't assist us.

To this day, we still struggle to provide his dietary requirements, medication and now his education. Today, he is 4 years old and is still struggling immensely with speech and has not developed his chewing skills as yet and continues to eat soft, smooth foods. He chokes on foods that are not soft.

Last year, we tried to put him in a nursery school that doesn't accommodate children with special needs, he did not cope well. His weight started to drop because they couldn't accommodate his feeding. We decided to take him out of that nursery and started to look for nurseries that accommodate children with special needs. Most of the schools we found where far and he would have to take transport that leaves 4am but we recently found a nursery near us - New Kids Care Nursery - who can accommodate both his feeding struggles and speech difficulties.

Getting him into this nursery will guarantee him a chance at a better life, an opportunity to enrol in a school for children without special needs and be able to chew and feed himself. We would like for him to start school as soon as possible since he is so behind and needs to start to be able to catch up to children his age

Registration - R600
School fees - R1 950 per month
School uniform - R1 450


  • Mar 02, 2020 - R 210.00
  • "You are a STAR Shelton! The amount of progress you have made in such a short while is just pure proof of your fighting spirit! WELL DONE**" - Therine

  • Mar 02, 2020 - USD $ 33.87
  • "Hope you enjoy your new school little buddy. :)" - Saane Cross

  • Feb 29, 2020 - R 203.50
  • "Good luck Shelton" - Bronwyn

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My name Ethel Kachidima mother to Shelton aged 4 years old staying in Soshanguve Pretoria, SouthAfrica. I am raising funds to have Shelton attend New Kids Care Nursery. The nursery can accommodate both his feeding struggles and speech difficulties.