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Sifundo Malinga (KZN) - WK UWC

Sifundo Malinga (KZN) - WK UWC

Personal message

About me

My first name directly translates to the word “lesson” and my second name directly translates to the word “wisdom” in English. I am Sifundo Malinga. I am person who is influenced by his surroundings and I am highly ambitious. I play sport at school (rugby, swimming and running) and I make sure that I always keep my body healthy (I am a member of a local gym). I would describe myself as a creative person because I act. I have been acting since grade 8 in the theatre productions at school, I sing at my churches praise and worship team and I am currently producing a photography series. I love socializing and interacting with people and learning about different people from different places.

I stay with my aunt who is my legal guardian. My mother stays in Durban and I was raised by my aunt because my mother had me at a young age and could not afford to raise me. My father has never been a part of my life. I am very close to my mother’s family. My family supports me in everything that I do. I have a big family. My younger brother is 9 years old and he is the only sibling I have. 


Key experiences or achievements

I am a representative and peer promoter of the South African National Blood service. I am the board Treasure of The Rotary International Interact club at school and I have been involved with interact since grade 8. I am a member of the Timothy Project which is a youth group that does missions trips around Africa. I am the founder and chairperson of the Never Too L8 Youth Organization which is an NPO which raises funds to donate study guides to failing rural KZN high school learners in the grades 10-12. Last year I was awarded the Mcdough trophy at school for runner up to those who received prizes for academics because I was 4th in the grade.  A mission trip to Johannesburg last year in June was an experience I will never forget because we went to Magaus informal settlement where we gave blankets and food to the people whose shacks had burnt down, it is there I realized that we have two separate societies (the poor and rich) in South Africa that do not interact. In grade 11 I was selected to be a mentor for three grade 8 learners through the different aspects of their lives.


Career path

The career path that I have chosen is to become a social entrepreneur, I want to create businesses and non-profit organizations that will provide employment for many unemployed South Africans and address the different social problems we have in South Africa. I want to become an entrepreneur that not only creates businesses but also works to help preserve the rich environment and ecology of South Africa and Africa as a whole. I also want to become an entrepreneur that changes the way African goods are exploited by creating business in foreign countries which are owned by previously disadvantaged Africans.



I am passionate about helping people to live a productive life that enables them to have their needs met, this because of my experiences of seeing how people live in poverty and the effect of the different social injustices in our country. I am passionate about the conservation efforts in Africa and sport (swimming, rugby, drama, running)


Favorite subject

My favorite subject is Geography because this subject is one of the reasons why I want to become a social entrepreneur in Geography   we do not only learn about climatology, geology,  the environment and the effect humans have on the environment but we also learn about the different ways to conserve our environment , social injustice , poverty , the role of government and private companies in addressing social problems, the different needs of people outside of Africa  and the different ways to address social problems


How will you use the UWC experience to benefit South Africa?

I believe that I share the same values as UWC. I would describe myself as the deserving candidate because of my different experiences that I would share with the people I meet and my passion to help others. My goal has always been to study at a college that will enable me to fulfill my goals and UWC has proven to be the perfect place for me to study.

I will set up businesses that not only create the much needed jobs in SA but also that addresses the different social problems we have in SA. I will also create a number of NPO and partnerships with private and public enterprises. I will share my experience of UWC with the people I meet and I will continue to motivate other disadvantaged youth to work hard because there are many opportunities like the UWC which require you to have worked hard.


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 25 000.00

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