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Help Simamkele Serve The Lord and the Isle of Man

Help Simamkele Serve The Lord and the Isle of Man

Personal message

Hi! My name is Simamkele. I am a vibrant and bubbly maths-loving 22-year-old, who WAS radically transformed by the Lord and who is passionate about serving the Lord.

I live in Queenstown, South Africa where I help tutor maths to children. One word to best describe me would be: ENERGETIC. I love to read books and bake! But mostly I love being around kids and this is why kids ministry is something very close to my heart.

I need your help to raise funds for a Living Hope Church internship named Year of Your Life Internship program at the Isle of Man. This internship is a volunteer program that helps equip young people by teaching us about the work within the body of Christ (church). This program teaches us about how churches are built, street outreaches, kids ministry, administration and exercising spiritual gifts. So basically my job will be to wake up and serve the Lord every day for an entire year. What an honor and blessing it will be to do so!!

I just want to serve the Lord, He has called me to do this and more than anything I want to be in complete obedience to the Lord's will for my life. He continues to transform me and has made me even more hungry to know Him in a deep and meaningful way.

I need to have raised R43000 by the 1st of September. A portion of this amount goes towards my visa application to the Isle of Man. The remaining R36000 is to prove that I can "support" myself during my year at the Isle of Man. The remaining R37000 is due on the 1st of January 2020.

Breakdown of costs:
Visa application cost: R7000
Plane ticket cost: R30000 this includes my return ticket to South Africa
Spending money: R36000 this amount is the minimum recommended amount for international applicants to have for the year to help with the additional cost of living at the Isle of Man since this is a volunteer program.
Equipment needed for the trip: R7000 this will have to cover all the things I'll need to prepare before I can go to the Isle of Man.

Your generosity and prayers will help me serve the Living Hope Church and also help so that I can be equipped for the works of the ministry of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the future.

So thank you in advance to everyone who is considering a donation or for sharing and praying for my cause.

Your generosity will go towards my visa application, plane tickets, spending money and other additional costs. These funds will be sent to my bank account and transparently will be given towards all the above costs.


  • Dec 08, 2019 - USD $ 71.94
  • "May the hand of God be with you and may he expand your territory " - Granny Sue

  • Sep 23, 2019 - R 5 000.00
  • "We are excited for your journey!" - Van der Merwes

  • Aug 13, 2019 - R 1 010.00
  • "Mat 28:19-20" - Issie

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R 80 000.00

Simamkele Kalipa Ministry Cause

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Simamkele Kalipa (22) from Queenstown is raising funds to take part in a Living Hope Church internship named Year of Your Life Internship program at the Isle of Man.