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Simo Mncwango Runs SOWETO MARATHON for GBT Mongoose

Simo Mncwango Runs SOWETO MARATHON for GBT Mongoose

Funds Raised:
R 5 122
Fundraising Target:
R 10 000

Personal message

Follow up post 10.11.2023 - Social Cohesion Impact - Highlight of 42 km Soweto Marathon

A few days after the race I realise that we made a huge impact on runners and the community at large in terms of social cohesion. Running with Vostile Ruba was the highlight of this year's 42 km race. Thank you to the race organisers and ASA for giving us the opportunity to run with Vostile Ruba, our wheelchair basketball athlete. He loves running so much and had the dream of being part of the Thumamina bus. We needed to create an inclusive environment to accommodate him. It was a dream come true for him. At first I was a little doubtful, but then I said: Let's do it. - And the race organisers gave us the green light. I knew the race course was a bit tricky, so game management was critical. We worked well together with all participants in the bus to ensure that everyone was comfortable throughout the whole distance.  The support of fellow runners was massive. Thank you to all club-runners and non-clubrunners that were out there and deeply touched by the initiative. You can still donate for Vostile's effort by using the buttom below. South Africans are advised to use the South African card option, it is the simlest.

Big shout out to all of you. Together we can create an inclusive society and empower people to live their dream.

Original post 6th November 2023

As a passionate long distance runner, and 5 times Comrades medalist, I have come to learn more about GBT Mongoose Wheelchair Basketball through training runs with some of the GBT Mongoose athletes in wheelchairs.

Therefore I dedicated this Soweto Marathon 2023 to Vostile Ruba's fundraising campaign for his wheelchair basketball team. We ran the race together with him.

The experience was epic and we made history by embracing his campaign in the Thuma Mina Bus. WE ALL ENJOYED THE RACE so much. Help me raise funds for the GBT Mongoose team because with disability everything is expensive, even sports. We can create a more inclusive world by enabling our fellow brothers and sisters participate in sport and other activities through united efforts.

We made it together in the awesome time of 4:35 h. It was just exhilarating!


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  • "Work together we can create an inclusive environment in sport" - Anonymous

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  • Nov 06, 2023 - USD $ 30.66 Tipped
  • "Working together we can create an inclusive environment in sport and awareness" - Simo Mncwango

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Fundraising target

R 10 000.00

Donations to date

R 5 122.00

GBT Mongoose

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The GBT Mongoose is a dynamic wheelchair team located at Gelukspan, 55 km from the North West provincial capital, Mafikeng. The club participates at provincial, inter-provincial, and National levels and with selected players internationally in leagues and tournaments. 

Annually, the club qualifies to participate in the highest league in South Africa, the prestigious Super Sports Wheelchair Basketball League, with its Franchise Team 'Mongoose' in the men's division and the Supabets Women's Basketball League. Wheelchair Basketball is a competitive, fast sport that needs customized expensive equipment and functional facilities. Despite being highly competitive, the team presently has no sponsorship. 

Nevertheless, the club picks up talent in the rural area around Gelukspan. It exposes its players to high-level competitive sports while working on life skills, confidence, and disability competency by providing training, development programs for youth with disabilities, and empowerment and support for the sports. 

Funds are needed for specialized wheelchairs, consumables like wheelchair tires, tubes, spare parts, playing kits, transport subsidies for players, and facility upgrading and maintenance.