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Help save my rabbits

Help save my rabbits

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Personal message

Simoné Stoop is a good friend of mine whose whole life is devoted to animals. She has been breeding and keeping rabbits since 2018 and now all of her rabbits, pets and show rabbits are in danger due to RVHD2. Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus has made its way to South Africa and the only way to save her rabbits from a horrific death is to vaccinate. The vaccine has only become available recently and with 30 rabbits to vaccinate plus vet fees she cannot do this alone. 

If the rabbits are not vaccinated and the virus makes its way to her stud then it is most likely that all of her rabbits will die as RVHD2 has a 99% mortality rate to unvaccinated rabbits. There is no cure. If she is able to vaccinate then not only will she save her rabbits but she will help create herd immunity and save countless other rabbits. This virus is transmitted through insects, fur of infected animals among other things and so one infected rabbit can spread this virus literally on the wind.

The funds raised will be used to pay for the vet fees and all the vaccines.

Please help my friend save her animals. 


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R 18 000.00

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Help save my rabbits Campaign