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Sisipho's IMTA New York Fundraiser :)

Personal message

Hi, my name is Sisipho Madubela, and I was born in East London, in 2002. Thanks to my mother, Fikiswa Njongwe, I grew up in many places experiencing most of what the world has to offer. 

I am crowdfunding for my IMTA (International Modelling and Talent Association) entry, experience, and trip. I have to collect money for my package costs, for the travelling involved, for my extra categories, catering etc. I received a call back that invited me to participate in the many opportunities offered to me by industry leading professionals, while making impressions that will ensure that my career in the talent and modelling industry only goes up from here onwards.

Not only will this make my dream come true in these industries, but it also equips me with experience and expertise in the industry that put me above the rest, in relation to the local industry in terms of education and experience. This level of education cannot truly be replicated in South Africa. Opportunities and experiences such as bootcamps that prepare us for the international stage, Media, Branding and Portfolio training and Open Interview and Call back Training, and scholarship opportunities, just to name a few. The money that I hopefully raise here, will supply me with the tools that I need to make it to New York, and build something for myself, and my country.

The complete cost of the trip is around R95 000.00, which I have rounded up to R100 000.00.
R75 980.00 goes towards everything that's included in my IMTA Participants Package.
R15 000.00 would go towards my return flight(s) from OR Tambo, Johannesburg, to JFK, in New York. Lastly, a R6100.00 amount goes towards my extra categories, although only 2 are necessary, (R3100.00), I would like to expand my reach and add four categories.

The surplus after I pay for my necessities will go toward catering, and spending money to an extent.


  • Jan 12, 2020 - USD $ 8.00
  • "Go and show them your hard work " - Sugar + spice

  • Dec 20, 2019 - USD $ 104.76
  • "Break a leg" - Attila

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Hi, my name is Sisipho Madubela, I'm 17 years old and I was born in East London, in 2002. I am crowdfunding for my IMTA (International Modelling and Talent Association) entry, experience, and trip.