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Sizani instructs in both the isiZulu language, as well as in English. Learners are taught in isiZulu until Grade 4 when the medium of instruction changes to English. Sizani has a total of 862 learners in 2019, although the school is only built to house at least half this number. The school is tremendously financially challenged.   

At Sizani we would like to see each and every pupil who leaves our school, become successful in their chosen career. In order to make this a reality, we have to overcome the many challenges that we are faced with in equipping our school to produce star pupils.

 Due to recent changes in our school status by the government, some of the funding that we were using to pay additional teachers and librarians, has been channeled elsewhere. This means that we are no longer able to fund these 3 additional teachers, 2 librarians and 1 cleaner. The total sum to fund these staff members is R30,000 per month. Our fundraising requirements are thus for R360,000 for one year of staff funding. 

We have established a Trust Fund - The Sizani Dream Trust  (Sizani Trust) –a registered non-profit organisation with the Social Development Department in South Africa: NPO number 221-836NPO . which seeks to help our school to overcome these challenges by an injection of sponsored funds. 

It is our request to you, the public, to lend us your support by way of financial donations of any sort. The latter will go directly into The Sizani Dream Trust, to be managed by the board of trustees. You can download the trust documents here:

Please Help Sizani Learners to Reach Their Dreams! 



  • Jun 18, 2019 - R 100.00
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R 100.00

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R 360 000.00

The Sizani Dream Trust

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The Sizani Dream Trust is the registered fund Trust associated with Sizani Combined Primary School, set up for the purposes of Fund Raising to assist the school to improve their infrastructure and help realise the dreams of their learners.