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Pilot training

Pilot training

Personal message

My name is Sjaan Badenhorst (37) and I live in the north of Pretoria.

I work in construction and the industry has taken a big hit because of our economy. I have always been interested in aviation and because of my age, I cannot become an aircraft maintenance engineer.

I love flying and have always dreamed of becoming a pilot. Studying to be a pilot will give me an alternative way to support my family.

Your donation will give me the opportunity to help me provide a better future for my family and also giving me a stepping stone to better educate myself.


Breakdown of costs: Pilot kit is the basic hand books and tools needed to do preflight inspection R4200 Flight is 30 hours with an instructor to familiarise yourself with the aircraft and to give you the basic operating parameters R70 200 Solo flying is where you are in control of the aeroplane and you make all the decisions regarding the flight plan flight altitude eddings take-off and landings etc R31 200 Before and after every flight there is a briefing as to what the flight is going to be about where are you going discussing the flight plan and also a debriefing afterwards as to the progress you have made and what you can work on R6800 There are 7 modules and after you finish each module there is a written exam that you have to pass to progress to the next module R1250


*Donations will go directly to the pilot training center at Wonderboom Airport*


  • Jul 01, 2019 - R 50.00
  • "Good luck on you training and will be seeing you in the clouds soon" - Jan

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Donations to date

R 50.00

Fundraising target

R 150 000.00

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Sjaan Badenhorst (37) from Pretoria is raising funds to study to become a pilot.