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Skate Club

Skate Club

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Fundraising Target:
R 120 000

Personal message

We are reaching out through crowdfunding to bolster the impact of our community program. The objective is to secure funds that will be allocated to provide skateboards, protective gear, spare skateboard parts, and to revitalize the flooring of our skateboard park. Currently, the deteriorated flooring poses obstacles for skaters looking to refine their skills, and the park is also doubling as a basketball court. Your contribution is instrumental in creating a secure and vibrant environment where skateboarders can nurture their talents and stimulate active lifestyles within our community.

Our crowdfunding initiative seeks to make a profound impact within our community in several key ways:

To begin, by offering skateboards, protective gear, and spare parts, we are affording individuals, particularly young skaters, access to essential equipment that enables them to pursue their passion for skateboarding. Beyond enhancing their physical fitness, this provision offers a constructive outlet for self-expression and creativity.

Additionally, the revitalization of the skateboard park's flooring is pivotal in elevating the overall experience for skaters. The existing worn-out flooring restricts their ability to hone their skills and poses potential safety hazards. A refurbished and smooth surface will empower skaters to practice with confidence and showcase their abilities, thereby fostering increased self-assurance and skill development.

Furthermore, by addressing the dual use of the skateboard park as a basketball court, we aim to allocate dedicated spaces for each activity. This will engender a safer and more inclusive environment for both skaters and basketball players, mitigating the risk of accidents and conflicts between the two user groups.

In summary, our crowdfunding campaign will leave a positive and enduring imprint on our community by providing access to skateboarding resources, enhancing the quality of our skateboard park, and nurturing a sense of community and collaboration among individuals with shared interests.

The funds garnered through our crowdfunding campaign will be meticulously managed and transparently allocated to advance the campaign's objectives. Here is a breakdown of how the funds will be utilized:

  1. Skateboarding Equipment: A significant portion of the funds will be earmarked for the procurement of skateboards, protective gear (including helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads), and spare parts (such as wheels and bearings). These resources will be distributed to individuals who may lack access to proper equipment, ensuring their full participation in skateboarding activities.

  2. Skatepark Refurbishment: Another segment of the funds will be dedicated to revitalizing the skateboard park's flooring. This process will entail repairs to any damaged areas, the application of a durable and safe coating, and overall improvements to create a high-quality skating surface. The objective is to foster improved performance and reduce the risk of accidents.

  3. Designation and Signage: Funds will also be utilized to clearly designate distinct areas for skateboarding and basketball within the park. This will involve the installation of appropriate signage and markings to ensure that individuals understand the allocated spaces for each activity. By providing clarity in this regard, we seek to minimize conflicts and enhance safety for all park users.

  4. Maintenance and Upkeep: A portion of the funds will be reserved for ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the skateboard park. This may encompass routine inspections, necessary repairs, and general maintenance to ensure that the park remains in optimal condition and safe for community use.

  5. Administrative Costs: A modest portion of the funds may be allocated to cover administrative expenses associated with the campaign, such as fees imposed by the crowdfunding platform or any essential paperwork.

We are unwavering in our commitment to utilize the funds efficiently and effectively, thereby realizing the objectives of our campaign and leaving a meaningful and lasting impact within our community.


Fundraising target

R 120 000.00

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Our primary focus is on providing collaborative workspaces for small and micro business owners, creating employment opportunities, and upskilling local community members. By supporting us, you are contributing to the vibrant social engagement and economic growth of the community.

To continue our mission and provide essential services, we need your support. Our fundraising efforts are focused on key categories that address the pressing needs of our community:

1. Mothers and Babies: We prioritize supporting mothers through various programs tailored to their needs.

2. Sports & Culture: We offer free community-based sports programs to fulfill the demand for sports facilities and promote a healthy lifestyle.

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5. The Resource Bank: Our community-driven initiative provides assistance and support during difficult times, specifically tailored to respond to shack fires, ensuring affected individuals regain stability.

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7. Arts & Culture: Philippi Village is a thriving hub that supports and values arts and culture. We offer various initiatives and opportunities to nurture creativity and artistic expression.

By backing our Back a Buddy initiative, you are helping us deliver on our promise to the community and create a better, safer environment for those living in Philippi and its surrounding areas. Together, we can go further and make a lasting impact. Join us on this journey of hope and transformation.