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Raising Funds For A Mobile Emergency

Raising Funds For A Mobile Emergency

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R 10 000

Personal message

I am raising funds to fix my vehicle that has had an unfortunate issues arise.

We bought the car over a year ago from a, not so honest person, and it has been having issues since month 3 of having it. I have exhausted all funds. 
My husband has not had a stable income, being in the sales industry recently, and we have now hit a big repair in need of doing, which is the oil sump and cambelt before its time should have done. 
This is our only mode of transport which I use to take my daughter to school every day, but I am so worried that the cambelt snaps and I am left without a vehicle at all. So this will ensure that we are both not put in any unforeseen circumstances. 
Due to Covid, we are in no financial position to take out loans etc to help. I work in the tourisms industry and we are still in the recovery phase after covid. 
I would appreciate all and any help at this stage. 
I have uploaded the video of the car issues on youtube :) 


Fundraising target

R 10 000.00

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Raising Funds For A Mobile Emergency Campaign