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Soccer School

Soccer School

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Fundraising Target:
R 298 000

Personal message

The crowdfunding campaign we're launching has a clear purpose: to secure vital resources for our soccer program in the Philippi community. Currently, we face challenges due to limited training equipment and sporting apparel. We're reaching out to seek support for essentials like soccer balls, pumps, training cones, step ladders, water bottles, bottle holders, bibs, kits, and boots.

When you contribute to this crowdfunding campaign, you're directly contributing to the growth and development of our local soccer clubs. Your generous donations will create an environment that fosters skill development and teamwork, boosting the confidence of our participants.

Investing in these resources is pivotal for the long-term success and expansion of our soccer program, which ultimately benefits the entire Philippi community. Let's join hands to make a difference and create opportunities for our talented athletes to excel in the sport they love. Your support will help us build a thriving soccer program that uplifts our community and inspires future generations.

Here's a detailed breakdown of how your contributions will have a substantial and far-reaching impact:

1. Enhancing Player Skills: Your support will provide essential training equipment like soccer balls, pumps, cones, and step ladders, enabling our players to enhance their technical skills, dribbling, passing, shooting, and overall game tactics. This will significantly elevate their on-field performance and increase their prospects for higher levels of competition.

2. Boosting Player Confidence: The provision of sporting apparel, including water bottles, bottle holders, bibs, kits, and boots, ensures that our players have a comfortable and professional experience during training sessions and matches. Proper attire and dedicated equipment will boost their confidence, motivation, and sense of belonging to the team, fostering pride and unity within our community.

3. Investing in the Future: Your contributions go beyond the immediate benefits for our soccer program. By investing in our local athletes, we're investing in the future of our community. Through sports, we instill discipline, teamwork, and leadership skills among our youth, promoting positive values that will benefit them in various aspects of their lives.

4. Unlocking Opportunities: A thriving soccer program will attract attention and interest from sponsors, scouts, and other opportunities. This can open doors for scholarships, professional contracts, and educational prospects for our talented players, breaking the cycle of poverty and creating a better future for them and their families.

Funding Allocation:

We want to ensure transparency and accountability in our use of the funds raised. Here's how we plan to allocate the funds:

  1. Training Equipment (30%): Purchase essential training equipment to improve player skills.

  2. Sporting Apparel (25%): Provide players with proper attire and equipment.

  3. Facilities and Maintenance (15%): Maintain and enhance our training facilities.

  4. Coaching and Development (20%): Invest in coach training and development to provide higher-quality training sessions.

  5. Community Outreach (10%): Organize events and workshops to engage more youth in the sport and provide opportunities for underprivileged children.

We'll keep you updated on how the funds are being used, ensuring that every contribution makes a lasting impact. Thank you for being part of our mission to transform lives through soccer in the Philippi community. Together, we can create positive change that resonates far beyond the field.


Fundraising target

R 298 000.00

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Experience the transformative power of Philippi Village, a beacon of hope in the midst of a volatile and under-resourced community. Our community-centered space is designed to provide a safe haven for residents, where they can work, play, and grow. With a wide range of facilities, including events and conference areas, a gym, ECD center, clinic, amphitheater, library, and integrated mixed-use spaces, Philippi Village is home to a diverse community of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Our primary focus is on providing collaborative workspaces for small and micro business owners, creating employment opportunities, and upskilling local community members. By supporting us, you are contributing to the vibrant social engagement and economic growth of the community.

To continue our mission and provide essential services, we need your support. Our fundraising efforts are focused on key categories that address the pressing needs of our community:

1. Mothers and Babies: We prioritize supporting mothers through various programs tailored to their needs.

2. Sports & Culture: We offer free community-based sports programs to fulfill the demand for sports facilities and promote a healthy lifestyle.

3. Agriculture: Amaqanda Learning Garden is a remarkable project within Philippi Village, fostering education, sustainability, and community-driven change through agriculture and permaculture.

4. SME Development: We are dedicated to empowering our businesses through initiatives that foster growth and success.

5. The Resource Bank: Our community-driven initiative provides assistance and support during difficult times, specifically tailored to respond to shack fires, ensuring affected individuals regain stability.

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7. Arts & Culture: Philippi Village is a thriving hub that supports and values arts and culture. We offer various initiatives and opportunities to nurture creativity and artistic expression.

By backing our Back a Buddy initiative, you are helping us deliver on our promise to the community and create a better, safer environment for those living in Philippi and its surrounding areas. Together, we can go further and make a lasting impact. Join us on this journey of hope and transformation.